Unsuspected Hereos Chapter 69

When the two of them could see again there were standing in front of-Sonic’s house? They looked to their left to see the others-Sonic, Tails, Rogue, Knuckles, Topaz and-

“Omega?!” Shadow exclaimed, running over. “You’re alive!”

“Affirmative. Although I do not know how this occurred.”

“Hey guys, what are you all doing here?” A familiar female voice called.

Sonic stopped dead still. “Amy?” He whispered. He turned, slowing dreading that it might just be a dream. “Amy!” He yelled, joyfully. He ran over to her, picked her up, and kissed her.

“Sonic…” Amy laughed. “You act like you haven’t see me in forever!”

“Oh Amy, I love you, I love you so much!” He laughed, hugging her, not letting go.

Amy waved to Winter, her best friend, with a confused but happy look on her face. Winter waved back, smiling.

Suddenly, a little creature few into her chest, chaoing contently. “Frosty?” Winter grabbed the little chao and looked at her. She smiled. “Frosty!” She hugged the little chao. Frosty-though confused, gladly took the embrace.

Rogue waltzed over to Shadow. “You’re smiling.”

“I know.”

“You happy?”




The old friends smiled at each other. “Where are the others?” Rogue asked.

“Silver and Blaze are probably home. Power and DJ? Wherever they should be today, at this point in time.”

“You love her,” Rogue smiled smugly.

“…Yes…” he answered, looking at Winter, who was now hugging and talking to Amy.

“Then go be with her you idiot!” She laughed.

“Knuckles!” He coughed, walking away.

She laughed to herself.

“So Wint, how are things?” Amy smiled.

“For once…pretty good,” Winter replied, holding her little chao.

“I need to tell you something Winter, as a friend,” she paused. “I’ven known the both of you a really long time and-”

“Sorry to interrupt Amy, but I would like to speak to Winter in private,” Shadow stated.

“Okay,” she said with a knowing smile.

“Knux, Tails! I need to tell you something!” Sonic began, in constant motion.

“Calm down, man, what is it?” Knuckles chuckled.

“I’m gonna be a dad!” He yelled.

“What?!” The two exclaimed, pleased.

“Good for you man!” The three bros embraced.

“Boys,” Topaz laughed. “Congrats, Sonic the Hedgehog!”

“Thanks Topaz the G.U.N Agent!” He called back, sticking his arm out from between Knuckles and Tails, who were still hugging him.

“Everything’s back to normal,” Shadow laughed.

“Yeah, but better,” she smiled.

Shadow looked up between Winter’s large ears, Frosty gave him the “JUST DO IT!” face. Stupid chao. He laughed to himself.

Winter suddenly, leaned into him, kissing him. At first he was surprised how spontaneous she was, but then he realized she did this so their height difference wouldn’t matter much. He smiled, laughing at bit at this conclusion. He could hear Frosty chaoing in triumph as the two finally let themselves fall in love.

“Everyone c’mon, dinner at my house!” Sonic called.

“Free food!” Tails joked.

“Winter,” Topaz called. “We could tell the Commander you’re not what we think you are, you wouldn’t have to hide anymore.”

“Nah, he wouldn’t believe you, you’ll just get yourselves arrested or killed, I’ll mange, plus, with friends like you, nothing can kill the mood,” she smiled.

“Improvement!” Sonic laughed. “You are no longer a buzz kill, Wint!”

“What are you talking about, I was never the buzz kill! It’s always Eggman, the man has the most impeccable timing in all of Mobius!”

Everyone laughed. Indeed, he did.


Unsuspected Heroes Chapter 68

The shield disappeared and everything around them was destroyed. Including any signs of Mephiles. The group of four stopped their two friends, standing where Mephiles once stood.

“Oh my Chaos!” They all gasped.

“We did it!” Power whispered.

“We did it,” they all repeated.

“Oh my Chaos, we did it!” They all exclaimed, joyfully. They all shared many embraces, laughing and smiling.

“We just saved the world!” Power laughed, doing the moonwalk and other dance moves. He stopped a face of realization on his face. “We just saved the world…we’re heroes!”

Winter and Shadow laughed. “How many times have you saved the world?” DJ asked.

“Three time,” Shadow stated.

“Once, this would be my second time,” Winter replied.

“This is so darn cool!” Power sang. “Sil, we saved-two world-we saved our world, Blaze’s world, and the future! Oh, man we are awesome!”

The group laughed at what a big deal the young hedgehog was making. Suddenly there was a flash of white light, and everything changed.

Unsuspected Heroes Chapter 67

He looked over his shoulder, watching the signs of a great fight. A sense of security filled him. He knew that so people, fighting out there would get the job done, no doubt.

“We’re wearing him out!” Blazed yelled. “Get ready.”

The entire group was tensed. This was it. If this failed-it wasn’t an option. Everyone took their places. None stopped attacking him, but they were conserving energy for the big finish.

“You ready?” Shadow asked.

“Ready as I’ll ever be,” she replied. She closed her eyes and closed her arms in front of her face, her fists glowing as Chaos Energy began to ragged around her as it did when he removed his inhibitor rings.

“Now, Silver!” Blazed screamed.

Silver telekinetically brought Mephiles to his knees, immobilizing him. “Power! DJ Go!” He commanded.

DJ grow thousands of plants around Mephiles, giving fuel to Power’s fails. Blaze made sure the flames stayed in a funnel shape around Mephiles.

They could all hear his screams. His screams of-pain. “You will not stop me!” He yelled over the ragging flames, calling to them. “Even if you defeat me here today, I will haunt you in your dreams, I will never leave your thoughts! I will destroy you!”

This only made their efforts stronger. “Now! You two!” They all yelled, clearly straining.

“Chaos Shield!” She exclaimed, pointed at the four. A shield of chaos energy formed around them, protecting them from what came next.



Unsuspected Heroes Chapter 66

He exhaled as he removed his inhibitor rings. He was soon engulfed in a huge ball of flaming red energy.

DJ stared at this ball of ragging energy, he could see the silhouette of the ebony hedgehog he had befriended.

Mephiles too started at this ball of energy. He wanted it! He feared it, he feared this power was greater than his own, he feared he could no longer touch the hedgehog at the eye of this storm of energy he could not destroy.


With that he was bombarded with attacks, attacks of such quantity and variety he could not counter any. He felt his anger arising inside him, he clenched his teeth growling.

“We got him! We got him!”

“Don’t stop!”

How? Why? Then he froze, for a second leaving reality, remembering…he had told Project Chaos that he was, in fact, no immortal. A fool! Blinded by his own pride and excitement! He had miscalculated, just as that robot said he would;

“We all make mistakes-but Project Chaos-was breed to not do this-ketzz-all you need is to make one small mistake, Mephiles, and-kitzz-she will use it to destroy you.”

“NO!” He roared. Sending streams of dark energy out from himself. “I am the master of destruction; I will not be defeated!”

“Ah!” He cried out in agonizing pain, grabbing his right arm.

“Power! Are you alright?!” Winter called, making her way towards him.

“Ah! Chaos, he got me,” he hissed. Blood was seeping through his clenched fingers. “You weren’t kidding about that disintegration, hehe.”

“I don’t really make jokes,” she answered, ripping a part of her coat to use as a bandage.

“I’m trying to lighten the mood,” he forced.

“I know,” she smiled, wrapping his arm. “Can you continue?”

“I got one good arm, so yup, I can still burn his butt,” he said, with some anger in his voice.

“Good…but don’t let your rage blind you, you’ll do things you’ll regret.”

“Sure thing…mom,” he snickered.

“You wish,” she retorted, smiling.

DJ stopped. He began to have glimpses of the near future once again. He saw the city. All the people in it. Mephiles. Themselves. Then…nothing. Everything flashed out of existence in a glorious white light.

He was now worried. What did this mean? Are they all going to die? Do they win or lose? This was the pain of his powers, the future is hard to understand, and scary to see, he often was hunted by what he saw in his sleep. He remembered when he and Power where just little boys, alone, only having each other, and he would have sleepless nights due to his nightmares and his friend…his brother would stay up with him, or scare off the bad dream, protecting his sleep.

“If we’re going to die,” he said to himself. “We’re doing to go down fighting. Just like Power’s father, just like the heroes off old.”

Unsuspected Heroes Chapter 65

His eyes flickered up. He looked around. He sprung up, horrified. “What happened!? Where am I?!” He exclaimed. This caught the attention of the long quilled hedgehog. He walked backward towards him, continuing the fire at the hostiles.

“Silver! You’re awake! Finally!”

“What did I miss?” Silver asked, getting up. Seemingly as a response to his question the huge creature Shadow was battling not too far away from them, roared. “Never mind, I got the picture… so, what’s the plan?”

“I was defending you from these things,” Power began, burning the face off a clone. “But now we could go help Shadow.”

“Yeah, the seems more fun,” Silver stated.

“Totally,” Power agreed.

The big creature swatted him like a fly. Shadow used rockets on the sole of his boots to slow his decent. “Told her this would come in handy.”

“You’ve got fire shoes, dude, that so cool!” Power exclaimed, firing at the creature.

“What are you doing?!” Shadow yelled.

“You, big monster…freeze,” Silver said, holding the beast in place.

The two other hedgehogs spin-dashed from opposite directions, hitting both sides of the giant. The giant roared in both angry and pain, braking free from Silver mental grasp, just to be restrained by thick, thorny vines.

“How dare you have all the fun without us?” DJ joked.

Blaze and Power soon fired at the creature, burning it to a nice crisp. “Anyone for a BBQ?” Power asked.



“Yeah…just a little,” DJ answered.

“Anyway…” Silver began. “Shouldn’t we be helping Winter or something?”

“Yeah, probably…only thing is, we kinda have no idea where they are,” Power said, looking around.

“That way,” Shadow pointed.

“Why don’t you just die?!” Mephiles complained.

“Well, other than the fact that I’m immortal…just to annoy you.” She fired a ball of concentrated Chaos Energy at him. He stopped it and returned in along with some Dark Energy projectiles. She, again, jumped out of the way, only to be struck by a stream of Dark Energy.

Mephiles laughed as he stood over the suffering hedgehog. “Now, we shall test that immortality of yours.”

He created a spear. He raised it above his head a prepared to impelled her. Just before he could deliver this fatal blow, he was restrained by vines of poison ivy. He was then attacked with fire from both sides.

Silver helped her up, “What are you doing fighting him alone?”

“Softening him up for the rest of you,” she grinned.

She and Silver combined their powers to create a sort of controlled blizzard. The area of which it effected was small a precise, but the temperatures within that small realm were below zero. The two engulfed Mephiles in this snow storm. Everyone stood, ready to attack whatever came out of the thick blowing snow.

“Hit the deck!” DJ screamed. Just as they all dropped to the ground a wave of Dark Energy whizzed by the tops of their heads.

“Chaos!” Power breathed, mortified.

“We need a plan!” Blaze called.

“It’s hard to think when you’re being attacked by an immortal rage monster!” DJ called back.

“Winter, use your shield thingy!”

“Chaos Shield!”

“Hey, that’s it! Mephiles’ energy can’t destroy your shield!” Power gleamed.

“Super!” DJ began. “You could go super, like in the stories!”

“First off, what stories!? Second off, we can’t,” Shadow answered.

“Why not?!” The two exclaimed.

“We need the seven emeralds, and there is no time to look for them, that takes days,” he explained.


“Well, what if you two let loss? Use all the Chaos Energy inside you, that, along with us attacking could weaken him,” Blaze suggested.

“Yeah. Weaken him, but no kill him, he’s immortal, what are we going to do about that?” Silver brought up.

“No, he isn’t immortal.”

“How do you know, Winter?”

“Because the guy told me,” she shrugged. “I like playing the word game.”

“So our plan could work?!” The two teens asked, excited.

Winter nodded.

“Sweet!” They whispered to each other.

Unsuspected Hereos Chapter 64

 “You can’t win; darkness cannot defeat darkness!”

“Thanks for the information, know let me give some, I’m not all darkness,” she retorted.

“Aren’t you? You may be, what you call, controlling it, but really all you are is a ravenous wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

“You wanna see a ravenous wolf?” She growled. She began to bombard him with multiple attacks, spin-dashes, homing attacks. “Chaos Freeze!”

RAH! Fine, if you won’t join the darkness, you just have to drown in it!” With that he charged at her, kicking her in the chest.

At impact the air was knocked out of her lungs, she was also sent back by the force. She landed on her back. She got up quickly, trying to catch her breath, but Mephiles gave her no rest, he quickly ran at her again, this time pouching her right in the face, the force of this blow sent her a few inches into the air and then rolling across the rough ground.

Winter got up quickly and growled, ignoring the taste of her own blood. This time when Mephiles attacked her, she countered it, grabbing his clenched fist with her on iced one. While still holding him, she curled up into a ball and spun in the same place in the air before throwing him. She then ran to the place he had landed and threw him upward, she then targeted him with homing-attack, causing him to crash to the ground like a meteorite.

She stood and watched him hobble to his feet. She wanted him to suffer, she wanted him to pay for everything he did, she wanted…revenge. She could feel her rage bubbling, and in turn her Dark Energy.

“You feel it don’t you, the power, the longing to destroy…the rage.”

“Yes,” she began. “I feel the rage everyday, every second.”

“Then you must know, this is your destiny, you are meant for much greater than to live with these mortals, who, all they do is hunt you down like a monster; they beat you, they mock you, they scorn you, they don’t deserve your forgiveness.”

“See, that’s where you’re wrong…” she looked him in the eyes. “They do deserve my forgiveness, yes, they hunt me, they mock me, they beat me and scorn me, and they will never stop doing it, but they are also caring, loving, and forgiving. I’ve seen both sides of them, the good and the bad. Yes, they make mistakes-monumental ones-but they always come together to fix them, to support each other.”

“You are naïve; you would forgive them of this great folly?!” He asked her.

“What folly, the only one here committing a folly is you, so to no longer been naïve, I’ll punish you!” With that she fired an icicle right at his chest. He just stood there, looking at her, and began to laugh;

“You foolish child,” he ripped the icicle out of his chest. “I may not be immortal, but it’ll take more than this to kill me.” He thrusted the icicle back towards her, a companioned by dark arrows. She quickly jumped out of the way. Mephiles teleported behind her and wrapped his arms around her neck. “You could have been great, you could’ve ruled the world, but you squandered your gift, you suppressed your true self, you are not worthy of it!”

“You don’t know how happy I am to hear you say that!” Winter growled as she grabbed Mephiles by the top quill, throwing him into the ground. She quickly created a large block of ice and slammed it over the dark monster.

She sighed, finally beginning to feel the pain from the blows she had received.

Unsuspected Heroes Chapter 62 & 63

[Chapter 62]

“You are strong Winter, but without your Dark Energy, you don’t stand a chance.”

Winter ignored this remark, knowing he was baiting her and simply responded with multiply homing attacks with an icy finish.

Mephiles. In response. Shot a solidified stream of Dark Energy. The blunt force of the attack sent her flying to what felt like the stratosphere. Using her agility, she managed to land on her feet, sliding backward, her feet digging into the earth. A sudden boom erupted for the spot the albino hedgehog was to be found, she charged at Mephiles, at Mach speed, fist iced, delivering a supersonic punch to the monstrous creature.

Mephiles growled as he wiped away the blood that was seeping through his lips. “You listen here you pathetic-”

“No, you listen to me,” she interrupted. “I’m the Ultimate Living Weapon, I have outsmarted every attempt to find me for our ten years, I have defeated The Doctor several times, on my own, and with the help of others, I have never failed, or given up, and I sure as hell ain’t gonna start now!”

“My, my, my, I never took you as a poet, Project Chaos, but I must say, those were very…poetic last words.”

[Chapter 63]

The two of them were combating several clones of their dark adversary. “Oh Chaos,” Power hissed. He looked over at his body guards, who were fighting for their very lives, his, and of those living in the big city in the horizon. “Die!” He yelled as be began to take swings at the clones closing in on him.

When his finally opened his eyes he saw he had destroyed several of the clones, but those he didn’t destroy where running towards something. At first impulse he felt like calling out the classic, “yeah, you better run,” but as he looked he saw…

“They’re alive!” He looked back at Blaze and DJ. “Shadow and Silver, they’re alive!” He ran towards them, plowing through whatever clones where in his way.

“Chaos, how did you two survive?!” He asked, helping the black hedgehog up.

Shadow steadied himself before answering, “Silver, he put a shield around us.” The two turned and looked at the unconscious silver hedgehog.

“Silver?!” The both of them ran over to him.

“Oh for the love of Mobius, is he dead?!” Power whimpered.

“No, I-I don’t think so,” Shadow said, breathless. Power pressed his ear against Silver’s chest. He heard a heartbeat. He sighed, a small, relived smile on his face. Shadow nodded. The red-orange hedgehog noticed his labored breathing.

“Are you alright?” He began to examining his ebony friend.

“I’m fine. Wh-where are the others, and Winter?” He enquired.

“They’re fine, for now, focus on yourself, somethings wrong with you, right now!” Power scolded.

“I said I’m fine, it-its Winter….”

“What are you talking about?!”

“Chaos,” he hissed. “Winter and I share a connection…we can feel when the other is in danger…b-but it has never been this strong…”

“Well maybe that’s because she’s never fought the devil before.”

“What?! She fighting Mephiles, alone?” He seemed to be, at least, beginning to panic.

“Hey, hey, pull yourself together man, you’re Shadow The Hedgehog, the Ultimate Lifeform, and she’s Project Chaos, the Ultimate Living Weapon, and if there is anything I have learned about the two of you is that you can only be fooled once. Mephiles got in her head once, she isn’t going to let him do it again.”

“Is that all you learned about us?” The black hedgehog asked.

“That’s relevant to this moment? Yeah.”

Suddenly, four clones merged into one goliath of a clone. Power, by instinct, raised his arms, creating a wall of fire to protect them from the monster clone’s attack. The two could hear the creature’s shrieks as its giant fist collide with the fire. “Ooooooh yeah baby, Power’s back!” The young hedgehog grinned.

“Guard Silver until his wakes up,” Shadow ordered.

“Yes, oh fearless leader,” Power bowed.

Shadow chuckled slightly before engaging in a battle with his adversary.