Unsuspected Heroes Chapter 61

“We got him, keep going!” Power yelled. He looked at his rings, he was running on amber. ‘C’mon Power, you can’t quite now, they need you.’ He could hear Mephiles roaring in anger, he was sure it was anger, a person like him feels no pain.

He gasped. He looked down. His right hand. “No, no, nonono!” He hissed. He left hand’s fire began to flicker. “No! No, not now. C’mon, c’mon!”

There was nothing he could do, he was out. He was no longer useful, just dead weight.

DJ froze. “N-no,” he shuttered. He whipped around, he finally spotted what he was looking for, “Power, NO!” He yelled, shooting vines at his friend’s hand, stopping him from removing the ring clasped around his wrist. Blaze came running over, having being the only one close enough to hear the young hedgehog’s cry.

“What happened?!” She asked.

“Power was going to take off his rings!” DJ panted.

“I’m out!” Power began, “I have to!”

“No you don’t!” DJ yelled. “What good would you do killing yourself?!”

“I’m dead weight!” He yelled. “I’m useless, just like that day when my father…” he stopped short.

“Power,” Blaze and DJ began shooting at Mephiles again. “You father died a selfless death so that you and all those with you could live, not for you to kill yourself when it is not needed.” Blazed looked about at him. “Just stay behind us and regain your strength.”

“Look out!!” Power yelled.

Winter turned to her far right. She looked in terror to see Mephiles charging a huge ball of Dark Energy. “RUN!” She screamed.

Everyone came running towards the albino hedgehog to be protected by her shield.

“You can’t save them all!” Mephiles laughed.

At that moment, he fired a stream of Dark Energy blocking Shadow and Silver access to the rest of the group.

“Chaos Shield!” Winter cried reluctantly. They all stood in the protective barrier, silent. They all gasped when the heard the boom from the giant projectile hitting the ground.

Winter felt a pain, not an external pain, but an inter pain. Shadow, Silver, they were gone.

“O-o-o-oh my Chaos, th-there…dead!” Blaze shuttered. Power and DJ just looked down at the ground. Winter just froze, memories ran through her mind, the few she had with Silver. The many she had with Shadow, all leading up to that moment in the cave, where he said he loved her. She was never really sure if she loved him until that moment, the thought that she would never see him again made her feel sad, and alone.

“Let’s finish him,” she stated. The other three Mobians looked at her. “Let’s finish him,” she re-stated.

“What do you mean, we can’t, Power has no energy. Shadow and Silver are….” He paused. “It’s just you, Blaze and I. We, we don’t stand a chance.”

“We don’t stand a chance?! We never stood a chance, we all should have been dead long time ago!” Winter exclaimed. “Trust me, this is one of the things I was created to do, calculate, you, Blaze, you shouldn’t be here, time travel, really, you can travel forward in time, but not backward, and that’s just a theory. You, Power and DJ, you two should have been captured by G.U.N long time ago. Me, me, I don’t know where I should be, but it sure as hell isn’t here! The whole world has been hunting me, you don’t have to be a genius to calculate I should have been captured. We are the underdogs, we aren’t even supposed to be alive, yet, here we are, so don’t you dare say, we don’t stand a chance!” She looked all of them in the eye. “Now, I’m going to put this shield down, you have to options, stand and fight, and possibly dead trying, or run away and die a coward.”

With that she exhaled and pulled down her shield.

“Mephiles!” Winter called.

“Ah, do you finally see, do you see what you can do, do you finally understand.”

“Yes, I do understand.” Mephiles smiled, but his smile did not last. “I understand that you are a monster that craves nothing but death and misery, and I’m the only thing standing in your way.”

“Do you plan on fighting me on your own, Winter? Please this is hilarious, no one can stop me, I am a GOD!”

“She’s not alone.”

Winter smiled as her three friends took a stand beside her. “Blaze, DJ, your top priority is to protect Power, I’ll take the heavy fire.”

“Winter, don’t let your anger control you,” DJ called out.

“Been fighting it my whole life,” Winter called back, before jumping at Mephiles.


Unsuspected Heroes Chapter 60

“C’mon everyone, move away from the city’s edge!” Topaz yelled. She looked around the noises she heard matched the chaotic scene, people running for their lives, voices and cries over lapping.

“Mommy, mommy!” A little voice wailed. Topaz turned and found a pathetic little child sitting amidst the chaos.

“Hi there, I’m Topaz, what your name?” She asked, scooping the child into her arms.

“Helen, I-I can’t find my mommy,” the little girl sniffled.

“It’s ok, I’m sure we’ll find her, c’mon, let’s go to the center of the city,” Topaz said. “Hey, I’m taking this kid to find her mother.”

“Alright, we got this covered,” Sonic called.

As she walked, little child in hand, she looked back, far away for the cities edge the sky was filled with darkness, but every now and again, a color would flash, like a light show, only, it wasn’t pleasant, and with every passing second it seemed to linger closer and closer.

“What’s happening?”  The little girl asked, who had now stopped crying.

“There’s a bad man out there, and some good people are stopping him,” Topaz replied, only scratching the surface of what was really going on.

Unsuspected Heroes Chapter 59

“Watch it!” Winter warned. As she looked around at the hell they were all in, she was able to find the good in it, like Amy told her, “Friends are for times of adversity, trails, and the generally hard times, they’re there to pick you put when you fall, to make you smile when you’re sad, and to fight beside you in times of war.” Amy was right, days ago she didn’t know any of these people, and now she was fighting alongside them to save the world.

“You are all stronger than I thought you’d be, surrender now, and I’ll let you all live,” Mephiles offered.

They all looked at each other. “No, you crave nothing by death and destruction, and we will not just stand and watch as you lay waste to an entire plant just to please yourself!” Silver declared.

“Strong, yes. Smart, not as much.”

“We’re smarter than you,” Power shot.

“You cheated,” Mephiles growled.

“With all due respect, that’s the argument of a five-year-old,” Blazed replied.

“And since no respect is do…you know what she meant,” Silver hissed

“Haha, you think trash talking will affect me? I am nothing like you inferior mortals, I don’t let me emotion control my actions.”

“Who you calling inferior?” DJ asked. “I kicked your butt a while ago!” He fired vines.

“Yeah, and Shadow and Winter are immortals, genius,” Power remarked, while setting the vines DJ had thrown on fire.

“…So they are…. In other words, they’ll live to see, and enjoy my reign, Sonic was right, you two really are lucky.”

“I don’t believe in luck,” the two of them retorted.

“Come on you two, don’t be like that, luck is what got you this far.”

“HA, says the guy whose whole ten-year plan fell apart in a matter of hours,” Silver scoffed.

“For the love of destruction, stop using that one insult, it’s hardly enraging at this point, it’s just annoying!”

“And distracting—Chaos Spear!!”

Mephiles feel to the ground. “Now!” Winter yelled. “Hit him hard!”

Unsuspected Heroes Chapter 58

“Haha, look we’re almost there!” Marco exclaimed.

“Something’s wrong,” the Mobians stated.

“Oh for the love of Chaos, what now?!” Ant groaned.

“Chaos!” Topaz whispered, frozen in fear and shock.

It was about mid-day, but you wouldn’t have been able to tell since the area before them was almost as dark as night, like a storm cloud was blotting out the sun. The air was filled will destruction and had an evil feel, it was like something right out of a horror film. Never had any of them seen any as terrifying as this, not Perfect Chaos, not the Black Arms, not the idea of Project Chaos, not even the Chaos Crisis was as scary as this!

“Wh-what are we gonna do?” Polo asked, shivering in fear.

“You’re going to get to safety,” Shadow order.

“Like hell,” Topaz protested. “This is our world too, and I for one ain’t gonna let some psychopath turn it into some literal hell hole.”

“You don’t have any weapons, not to mention they won’t work on him!” Winter yelled. “You need to get out of here.”

“This is getting way to close to the city, we need to evacuate,” Peach stated.

“Ok fine, we got the civilians,” Topaz looked at them all, “Kick his psychotic butt!”

“Don’t worry, we will,” Winter growled forming her ice swords.

“Going to cut you loses, I don’t think so,” Mephiles laughed, as he fired dark energy at the humans.

“Nope,” Power said shooting fire at the Dark Energy attack, so his fire was disintegrated instead of the humans.

“We’ll give you a police escort,” Sonic stated, as he and Tails stood on either side of them, as to protect them.

“Chaos Shield!”

“Ok we need a plan,” Rouge stated.

“You should go help with the evacuation,” Winter said.

“No way, you’re not fighting him by yourself, he can get into your head,” she protested.

“I meant you and Knuckles should go help with the evacuation, you don’t have any attacks that doesn’t involve throwing something other than yourselves at him, which won’t work, since you’ll be disintegrated.” Winter explained. “The rest of us will take on Mephiles.”

“We can’t just leave you all here,” Knuckles argued.

“We got this, we’re the heroes no one suspected, even Mephiles, that gives us an advantage!” Power said smiles smugly.

“Chaos, you sound just like Sonic!” Knuckles chuckled.

“Is that a good thing…?”

“In this case, it is. Unsuspected Heroes, let’s kick some butt!” Shadow growled.

“Oh Chaos I can’t believe, I named our squad!” Power whispered to himself, bouncing with excitement, but he quickly got him battle face on when the shield fell reveling their enemy.

“Hope you all said your good-byes, because this is where you all DIE!!!”

Unsuspected Heroes Chapter 57

Rogue and Knuckles touched down at the end of the burning forest. “Now what?” Knuckles asked. The two of them looked for any signs of the others.

“Sonic? Tails? Anyone?!” Rogue shouted. Nothing. She turned to Knuckles. “Don’t even think it, they made it, they’re alive.”

“Rogue we can’t go looking for them, we have to find a way to stop Mephiles,” Knuckles replied.

“Stop him?! What do you mean stop him?! We can’t stop him, don’t you understand what Dark Energy is?!” She yelled.

“Yes, but we can’t just let him kill everyone, we have to try!” He yelled back.

“We’re not going to do the world any good if we’re dead!”

“Which is why I plan on not dying!”

“And how do you plan on doing that, he can disintegrate anything he touches, that includes you Knuckles!”

“So then I would let him touch me, Rouge-!”

“For the love of Chaos, would you two kiss already!”

The two of them turned to face the voice. “You guys are alive!” Rogue exclaimed.

Knuckles walked over to Sonic and whispered menacingly in his ear, “The only reason I am not knocking you into next Tuesday is because, I’m glad to see you alive.”

“Awwww, I’m glad to see you’re alive too rad red!” Sonic smiled.

“Any others?” Silver asked. Rouge shook her head.

“Give ‘em time,” Sonic said, looking back into burning forest, “They make it.”

“I really hope they do, for your sake, because you don’t stand a chance against me!” Mephiles laughed.

Unsuspected Heroes Chapter 56

She stopped.

“What’s wrong?” He asked.

“Th-that’s all I can do,” she replied, her voice sounding a bit dark and edgy.

“Then it’s my turn.” He took off. “Chaos, how big can a forest be?!”

“Sh-shouldn’t be that far,” Winter replied, now being affected by the heat. He nodded. “Look out!” She yelled. Suddenly a shield of pure Chaos Energy formed around them, protecting them from the falling tree. “Thank Chaos for the Chaos Force,” she sighed.

“What the hell…?” He stopped running, now standing in a life free, fire free zone. “Do you think it was that kid, or Mephiles?”

“Mephiles….” Her ears twitched. “Did you hear that?” She turned around to face the sound.

“What are you talking about, I don’t hear anything?” Shadow asked.

“I have better hearing then you, Ultimate Lifeform,” she said in a taunting voice.

“Okay, who’s that?!” They heard a voice scream.

“Winter…?” Blaze gasped.

Winter smiled nervously. “Y-yeah, it’s me.”

“Are you alright?”

“Fine.” She began to walk away, when Blaze grabbed her arm and whispered;

“What we talked about prior to all this, has not changed, we are still friends.”

“Thank you…Blaze,” Winter smiled slightly.

“Can we get moving, I don’t want to be around when she turns again,” Edward hissed.

Power marched up to his face and declared, “She’s be working hard to save your sorry butt, show some respect!”

“Really?” He asked. “Because from what I’ve heard she’s Eggman’s little pet.”

“Let it go Power, I’ve learned there is no changing what they think of me,” Winter interrupted. “Let’s just keep moving, we can’t be too far now.”

Unsuspected Heroes Chapter 55

“Oh my Chaos, it’s Mephiles!” Polo screamed, grabbing Edwards arm. There was a figure coming towards them, it was distorted by the fire and heat. Power and DJ got in front of the humans.

The fire around them just spontaneously went out. “Are you alright?”

“Blaze! Boy are we glad to see you,” Topaz cheered. “Powerful over here can’t put out fire.”

“Hey, I’ve been keeping us alive haven’t I?” He defended himself.

“Your rings,” Blaze stated.

“What about them?”

“They’re not glowing as much as they were when we first met,” she answered.

“Yeah, that’s because I hadn’t used up almost all my power when we first met.”

“What do you mean, used up all your power?” Blaze questioned.

“Do you really want to talk about this now?!” Power raised his voice. “The world is literally at the point of ending, we’re going to be burned alive, and Winter was just a mindless killer, who cares about me losing power?!”

“Seeing as this is a stressful situation, I will forget that you raised your voice at me, and ask my question again; what did you mean when you said losing your power, Power the Hedgehog?!” Blaze said through greeted teeth.

Power sighed. “I can only use so much of my power at a time, otherwise I’d literally burn from the inside out, these rings help with that, they absorbed some of my energy, which is the energy I can use, so when all that energy is used up, they need to recharge. There happy now, can we please keep moving?” And with that he began to walk again.

“What’s his deal?” Topaz asked.

“That’s how his dad died, by taking off his rings to safe him and some others,” DJ whispered.

“He lost his dad, but he seems like a happy kid,” Topaz continued.

“Yeah, he doesn’t let that keep him down, but it still hurts.”

“What about you?”

“Wh-what do you mean, my family?”

“Yeah, what happened to ‘em?”

“I donno, they ditched me when I was little, I was too weird for ‘em,” he answered, looking away.

“Well, they were wrong, your powers are cool, I mean, how can you lose a fight if you know what your opponent is going to do? You can make earthquakes and make plants grow, that’s amazing!” Topaz smiled.

“Yeah…I guess it is, isn’t it?” DJ smiled back.