Back to the Past

Poverty has been around as long as the human race has. Where there’s a winner, there is always a loser. Economically, the winners are the rich, and the losers are the poor, or those living in poverty. “Oh, this person’s parents can’t buy this new video game, they must be poor!” Not necessarily. Living in poverty mean that a family cannot buy food or provide basic needs for the children-or themselves.

It may be hard to believe, but there are many people right here in the United States living in poverty. Thankfully, people have been working, since the 1800s, to fix this issue. Before the early mid-1800s American policies regarding poverty were focus on outdoor relief; food, firewood, and small amounts of money called alms. The wealthy and local governments did this because the of a sense of community responsibility. State poor laws, required towns to take care of their poor. But after the early mid-1800s a new idea arose; “What if, instead of just letting them to continue being poor, we help them get themselves out of their economic states?!” Thus, the Antipoverty movement was born!

In 1817, the New York’s Society for the Prevention of Pauperism, collected the poor under one roof, oversaw their actions, and forced them to work. The state of New York formalized this policy in 1824 with the County Poorhouse Act, which required every county in the state to build at least on institution to house its poor, and, preferably, to teach them how to escape poverty. There was also the New York Association for Improving the Conditions of the Poor, in the 1840s, and the Children’s Aid Society in the 1850s.

The Children’s Aid Society, (CAS) attempted to reform the environment of poor children, especially by sending them out of the cities into the rural American West. This idea was formulated by Charles Loring Brace. The idea was to send poor children, to a family in the West, who would teach them good habits, as well as raise them. These families were eager for help on their farms, in fact, some only saw the children as laborers. The children were called “Orphan Train Riders,” and were commonly between a few months to 14 years old.

As earlier stated, poverty has been around since humanity has existed, and still exists today, in the US of A. There are still orphanages, shelters of the poor and homeless, even something that didn’t exist in the 1800s, food stamps. Renamed SNAP in 2008, this is a government program that helps those on low income get the food they need.

There are ways everyone can help end poverty for good, you can donate to institutions and organizations, you can volunteer, you can donate canned goods, you can help teach, education is a very powerful thing, with the right education a child in poverty can grow to become a successful career man or women. You don’t even have to look very far, look around in your own community! We can all make a difference if we try.


Volunteering, Required? Or Not Required?

Volunteering is when you do work for no pay. It could be to help your community, to fill your hours for school, or even when you help you neighbor. All high school student must volunteer for a certain amount of hours to graduate. Many say this shouldn’t be required, while others say it should. Volunteering provides a valuable experience ever student should have, and should be required to graduate high school.

Volunteer activities add value to a collage application and work resumes. A collage graduate that volunteered at a Technological Industry is most likely to get a job in that field than a graduate that didn’t, according to an article from

Another reason volunteering should be required is the fact that it helps students explore their interests. “Volunteering can be an opportunity to learn more about something you enjoy doing,” reads an article on It could also inspire students to work harder and to help out in the community more often, keeping kids off the streets and out of trouble. To many times have bright students’ gotten into trouble because they were alone with nothing to do, volunteering is a sure fire solution to this problem.

Despite all this, some would argue that volunteering should be something you choose to do because you want to, not because you have to. While this is a somewhat valid argument, it does have it problems, one being, what child willing finishes school and goes off to do volunteer work? All of us from experience can honestly say we didn’t. Volunteering is the best for our children, and should be required of them because it is in the best interest. An article tittle, “Is forced Volunteering Helping Anyone?” a researcher stated that, “the hope is that by having teen give back, they will be encouraged to be good citizens and volunteers as adult.”

Protect Our Home

Home. When you hear that word, what do you think of. A four walled building with a kitchen a living room a place for you to sleep and a video game set. Sure, that’s true, but let me put it this way, what’s your home’s home? What is your house sitting on, what is that thing you walk on to go the ice cream shop? Earth. Ok yeah, everyone knows that, and sure, everyone knows there are other living things living on Earth as well, but we are the dominant species, the Earth is ours. While that is true in a way, like it or not, will out those “mere animals” we’d all be in big trouble, dead to be precise.

Sure, will our ever growing population we need more places to stay, because we may grow but the Earth doesn’t. But, did you ever stop to think, as we take more and more space, what’s happening to our roommates? Let’s put it in more familiar terms; you and a friend are living together in a house, your friend gets married and has kids, suddenly there is less room for you as her family grows, at some point you have to move out because your living space is needed for an upcoming child, that’s exactly what we are doing to all species, only the consequences are much grander. While you might get mad at your friend, because you feel neglected, and need to find a new place to live, when we give wild life the boot whole ecosystems fall. An ecosystem the system of nature, a natural balance, but when we tip the balance, competition grows, one species’ diversity will drop, making it harder to adapt to the changes, ultimately leading to the extinction of an entire species.


An example of this happening right now is overfishing in the coastal areas of Brazil and Peru. A species of penguin called the Humboldt Penguin is losing genetic diversity, diversity is a very vague term, there are serval types of diversity; genetic diversity, biological diversity (variety and number of different species in the world), and species diversity (different species in an area). Genetic diversity helps in the process of natural selection, which is a process that help a species adapt to changes in its environment, or evolve over time. But these penguins are starving and in bad shape health wise, this causes a lack of genetic diversity, rising the changes of their extinction.

Overfishing doesn’t only cause a problem for the Humboldt Penguins, it causes problems for all sea life and us. Overfishing-hence the name-is when we fish large amounts of fish at once, millions at a time! Millions of fish that won’t get to reproduce, an entire generation, lost! Other sea animals that eat this fish will starve, soon leading to extinction, leaving us with no fish to eat, we’d have to look towards other things to get our Omega-3 vitamins, a vitamin very important for your heart. Prices for the supplement would increase as demands sky rocket. But that’s would be so bad compared to the damage on the ecosystem, birds, bears, otters, sharks, whales, coral, all these species would be in big trouble, most would become extinct, the ocean would be empty and boring…lifeless.

You can do something to stop this! You can speak up, help stop overfishing and protect the environment, your home, and your roommates. We, both humans and the wild life could live together happily, and all it takes is speaking up. Spread the word, educate the public, write to local leaders, join protects or groups, get the word out there, and you’ll see what one little voice can do.

Air Pressure

What is air pressure?

Air pressure is a force exerted, (apply or bring to bear; a force, influence, or quality), on a surface by the weight of the air. The pressure of the atmospheric or compressed air. The pressure within a container due to the compression of air.

Well if you picked any three of those your right. Air pressure is all those things. But there is something that has to be for air pressure to even exist…air has weight. Believe it or not it is logical, how can something exert pressure if it doesn’t weight anything? That also explains why a tank of helium is so heavy with you first by it, and when you throw it away. What is the only thing that has changed? First there was helium inside, and now, there isn’t!

How you ever pumped a tire and it exploded, I haven’t, but the reason this happens is because of the air pressure was so strong it popped the tire. It’s like filling a balloon with water, the water makes the balloon grow, because of the water pressure, until the pressure is too great for the balloon and it bursts, as well as your mother for getting the whole kitchen wet.

In fact you can even prove air pressure exists! All you need is a balloon and start pumping it with air, keep doing this until it pops, the air pressure was so strong it broke the balloon, the loud popping sound is the air rushing out.


What?! College?! Ha! Is it even worth it? I mean with the student debt thing going on most kids’ college degrees are worthless. Sure, with good grades or playing a sport I can get a scholarship, but then I’d have to join a team…and, well, get good grades.

Not even to mention, finding one, applying, making friends, signing up for classes, all the studying, and planning and late nights, and part-time jobs. <Groaning> For me that’s not that bad, I mean I love to read, and write…I have a blog for crying out loud. But the math…hehe…I’m good at math I know that, but it isn’t my favorite subject, and the ironic part of all this is I want to be an engineer! <Sighing> Oh, am I in for the craziest coaster ride in the history of coaster rides. (No need to go to Coney Island).

But even though this sounds like the end of the world…it isn’t…just a mid-life crises.

College!!! Yes, it is worth it kids, it is worth it, because without going to college you’ll be a janitor cleaning the bathrooms of a hotel.
And you wouldn’t want to be there? Would you? ‘Cause that is worst then a mid-life crisis, hehe…a lot worst.
I thought so. So kids here some advice…always, ALWAYS go to school and never, NEVER skip a class. And all you wanna be engineers out there, you had better love math, or…welcome to Mathy Island!

My News Report on Health.

What do you think of when you hear the words Physical Fitness? Going to the gym? Going on a diet? Boring, it’s for grown-ups, or I’m not fat! Yeah, that’s not what Physical Fitness is all about. It’s about keeping your body healthy, so you can live long and enjoy life. It can prevent some major health concerns like, high blood pressure, cholesterol, cancer, osteoporosis, and the biggest health concern, that three of the four people I interview said was the biggest health problem this country ever faced, obesity.

As I learned from my interviewees there is more than one way to learn about your health. Mr. Horn says, “You can ask your doctor; insurance.” Anthony Manzella uses Wikipedia to find his information. Along with those ways there are others, you can ask you parents about you family history to know what risks you have. You can also prevent most sickness, putting on sunscreen before going out to play, not drinking any alcoholic drinks or smoking, eating right, and exercising. Ugg, exercising. Most people groan when they hear this word, they funning thing is, exercising can be really fun!

Playing outside is exercising, walking, running jumping, swimming, biking, baseball, basketball, these are all ways you can exercise, and the cool thing is…that how we play! Playing is exercising! You can also us free online food trackers to track what you eat and drink for an even healthier you. Like Anthony, who uses the President’s Challenge to track is exercise and food and drink intake. Jose Manzella uses an app on his phone and visits the doctor regularly. Sadie Manzella uses Fitbit. There are many ways to track your health.

Mr. Frank Horn was the most interesting to interview, his answers were so different from the other interviewees it was like a whole other view of things, it was amazing, a man who lives right next door, and his view of things is so much different from ours.

Happy Fathers’ Day!

Let me tell you a tale, a tale about today-yup, it happened about… minutes ago-I wake up this morning and in 2 minutes, my brother asks me to play Mario Party 10, no, I don’t want to not after yesterday, I freaking’ tired of this game! No matter what I do, this game gives me things that makes me lose! NO! I don’t want to! But, of course, I did. And a marvelous thing happened-I won!

So then, at 11:45 or so I remember-oh snap, today is fathers’ day! Oh snap-so I ran to my Father’s room and exclaimed happy Father’s Day!

Yup, that’s right, I fought Father’s Day! Hehe, like nobody else ever had, it could happen to anybody, right? Right?!