Control Your Anger

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Do not let anger control you
remain silent
think about it
learn from it
then let it go.
Do not let it become
a cancer to your soul
but a bridge to your wisdom.

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Really well put!

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You promised
I believed you
you lied
now the trust is broken
can’t put Humpty Dumpty
back together again

Trust is sacred
almost impossible
to redeem
handle with care
or lose forever.

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So Unfair

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Life is unfair.
Yes, it is.
Injustice is everywhere
corruption, greed; imperfect
is our world.

Shall I rail
rant at the injustice
or can I maintain
the serenity of a heart
that knows courage, that
has the wisdom to know
when to fight
and when to make
the best of a bad situation?

Life is unfair.
Yes, it is.
But I will not
give up my serenity
but rather trust
in the Lord
knowing all goodness
starts within.

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NEED came a while ago..

Loud Thoughts Voiced Out

It’s a dream. A dream many would find so simple. But in his world, it’s a big one. His mom picked up a third job to help him. His dad works all day, everyday, to try and give him what he wants. He puts in so much effort. He wants to make his parents proud. He wants to give them a better life, a better world. He repeats his mantra to himself every morning, I’m going to turn this around for them. I can! Or rather,

He could have.

Today, the world teaches you to think “positively” and turn yourself away from the face of negativity. We’ve become so focused on this that our positive thinking is now just ignorance towards the things that matter. And I don’t know how to make sense to a bunch of people that break the internet over something as irrelevant as a photograph of a dress…

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I Feel Like A Failure

Loud Thoughts Voiced Out

There. I’ve said it. I’ve said the words I’ve been afraid to say for weeks, months now. This is what I feared. This emotion that I do not know how to process. This emotion that I do not know how to rise from. This emotion that I can’t make go away. This emotion that consumes me from the moment I wake up. The one that keeps me from sleeping at night.

We all make plans. Long term plans. I made a five-years’ plan. I was going to graduate university, get a job at an advertising agency and work my way up to one day be the Creative Director. Get my own apartment. Call my mom when I missed her food. Have this life that was so perfect and filled with flaws that were sprinkled all over it like tiny little snowflakes. I was moving forward and there came a point…

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