Unsuspected Heroes Chapter 68

The shield disappeared and everything around them was destroyed. Including any signs of Mephiles. The group of four stopped their two friends, standing where Mephiles once stood.

“Oh my Chaos!” They all gasped.

“We did it!” Power whispered.

“We did it,” they all repeated.

“Oh my Chaos, we did it!” They all exclaimed, joyfully. They all shared many embraces, laughing and smiling.

“We just saved the world!” Power laughed, doing the moonwalk and other dance moves. He stopped a face of realization on his face. “We just saved the world…we’re heroes!”

Winter and Shadow laughed. “How many times have you saved the world?” DJ asked.

“Three time,” Shadow stated.

“Once, this would be my second time,” Winter replied.

“This is so darn cool!” Power sang. “Sil, we saved-two world-we saved our world, Blaze’s world, and the future! Oh, man we are awesome!”

The group laughed at what a big deal the young hedgehog was making. Suddenly there was a flash of white light, and everything changed.