Unsuspected Heroes Chapter 66

He exhaled as he removed his inhibitor rings. He was soon engulfed in a huge ball of flaming red energy.

DJ stared at this ball of ragging energy, he could see the silhouette of the ebony hedgehog he had befriended.

Mephiles too started at this ball of energy. He wanted it! He feared it, he feared this power was greater than his own, he feared he could no longer touch the hedgehog at the eye of this storm of energy he could not destroy.


With that he was bombarded with attacks, attacks of such quantity and variety he could not counter any. He felt his anger arising inside him, he clenched his teeth growling.

“We got him! We got him!”

“Don’t stop!”

How? Why? Then he froze, for a second leaving reality, remembering…he had told Project Chaos that he was, in fact, no immortal. A fool! Blinded by his own pride and excitement! He had miscalculated, just as that robot said he would;

“We all make mistakes-but Project Chaos-was breed to not do this-ketzz-all you need is to make one small mistake, Mephiles, and-kitzz-she will use it to destroy you.”

“NO!” He roared. Sending streams of dark energy out from himself. “I am the master of destruction; I will not be defeated!”

“Ah!” He cried out in agonizing pain, grabbing his right arm.

“Power! Are you alright?!” Winter called, making her way towards him.

“Ah! Chaos, he got me,” he hissed. Blood was seeping through his clenched fingers. “You weren’t kidding about that disintegration, hehe.”

“I don’t really make jokes,” she answered, ripping a part of her coat to use as a bandage.

“I’m trying to lighten the mood,” he forced.

“I know,” she smiled, wrapping his arm. “Can you continue?”

“I got one good arm, so yup, I can still burn his butt,” he said, with some anger in his voice.

“Good…but don’t let your rage blind you, you’ll do things you’ll regret.”

“Sure thing…mom,” he snickered.

“You wish,” she retorted, smiling.

DJ stopped. He began to have glimpses of the near future once again. He saw the city. All the people in it. Mephiles. Themselves. Then…nothing. Everything flashed out of existence in a glorious white light.

He was now worried. What did this mean? Are they all going to die? Do they win or lose? This was the pain of his powers, the future is hard to understand, and scary to see, he often was hunted by what he saw in his sleep. He remembered when he and Power where just little boys, alone, only having each other, and he would have sleepless nights due to his nightmares and his friend…his brother would stay up with him, or scare off the bad dream, protecting his sleep.

“If we’re going to die,” he said to himself. “We’re doing to go down fighting. Just like Power’s father, just like the heroes off old.”