Unsuspected Heroes Chapter 67

He looked over his shoulder, watching the signs of a great fight. A sense of security filled him. He knew that so people, fighting out there would get the job done, no doubt.

“We’re wearing him out!” Blazed yelled. “Get ready.”

The entire group was tensed. This was it. If this failed-it wasn’t an option. Everyone took their places. None stopped attacking him, but they were conserving energy for the big finish.

“You ready?” Shadow asked.

“Ready as I’ll ever be,” she replied. She closed her eyes and closed her arms in front of her face, her fists glowing as Chaos Energy began to ragged around her as it did when he removed his inhibitor rings.

“Now, Silver!” Blazed screamed.

Silver telekinetically brought Mephiles to his knees, immobilizing him. “Power! DJ Go!” He commanded.

DJ grow thousands of plants around Mephiles, giving fuel to Power’s fails. Blaze made sure the flames stayed in a funnel shape around Mephiles.

They could all hear his screams. His screams of-pain. “You will not stop me!” He yelled over the ragging flames, calling to them. “Even if you defeat me here today, I will haunt you in your dreams, I will never leave your thoughts! I will destroy you!”

This only made their efforts stronger. “Now! You two!” They all yelled, clearly straining.

“Chaos Shield!” She exclaimed, pointed at the four. A shield of chaos energy formed around them, protecting them from what came next.