Unsuspected Heroes Chapter 65

His eyes flickered up. He looked around. He sprung up, horrified. “What happened!? Where am I?!” He exclaimed. This caught the attention of the long quilled hedgehog. He walked backward towards him, continuing the fire at the hostiles.

“Silver! You’re awake! Finally!”

“What did I miss?” Silver asked, getting up. Seemingly as a response to his question the huge creature Shadow was battling not too far away from them, roared. “Never mind, I got the picture… so, what’s the plan?”

“I was defending you from these things,” Power began, burning the face off a clone. “But now we could go help Shadow.”

“Yeah, the seems more fun,” Silver stated.

“Totally,” Power agreed.

The big creature swatted him like a fly. Shadow used rockets on the sole of his boots to slow his decent. “Told her this would come in handy.”

“You’ve got fire shoes, dude, that so cool!” Power exclaimed, firing at the creature.

“What are you doing?!” Shadow yelled.

“You, big monster…freeze,” Silver said, holding the beast in place.

The two other hedgehogs spin-dashed from opposite directions, hitting both sides of the giant. The giant roared in both angry and pain, braking free from Silver mental grasp, just to be restrained by thick, thorny vines.

“How dare you have all the fun without us?” DJ joked.

Blaze and Power soon fired at the creature, burning it to a nice crisp. “Anyone for a BBQ?” Power asked.



“Yeah…just a little,” DJ answered.

“Anyway…” Silver began. “Shouldn’t we be helping Winter or something?”

“Yeah, probably…only thing is, we kinda have no idea where they are,” Power said, looking around.

“That way,” Shadow pointed.

“Why don’t you just die?!” Mephiles complained.

“Well, other than the fact that I’m immortal…just to annoy you.” She fired a ball of concentrated Chaos Energy at him. He stopped it and returned in along with some Dark Energy projectiles. She, again, jumped out of the way, only to be struck by a stream of Dark Energy.

Mephiles laughed as he stood over the suffering hedgehog. “Now, we shall test that immortality of yours.”

He created a spear. He raised it above his head a prepared to impelled her. Just before he could deliver this fatal blow, he was restrained by vines of poison ivy. He was then attacked with fire from both sides.

Silver helped her up, “What are you doing fighting him alone?”

“Softening him up for the rest of you,” she grinned.

She and Silver combined their powers to create a sort of controlled blizzard. The area of which it effected was small a precise, but the temperatures within that small realm were below zero. The two engulfed Mephiles in this snow storm. Everyone stood, ready to attack whatever came out of the thick blowing snow.

“Hit the deck!” DJ screamed. Just as they all dropped to the ground a wave of Dark Energy whizzed by the tops of their heads.

“Chaos!” Power breathed, mortified.

“We need a plan!” Blaze called.

“It’s hard to think when you’re being attacked by an immortal rage monster!” DJ called back.

“Winter, use your shield thingy!”

“Chaos Shield!”

“Hey, that’s it! Mephiles’ energy can’t destroy your shield!” Power gleamed.

“Super!” DJ began. “You could go super, like in the stories!”

“First off, what stories!? Second off, we can’t,” Shadow answered.

“Why not?!” The two exclaimed.

“We need the seven emeralds, and there is no time to look for them, that takes days,” he explained.


“Well, what if you two let loss? Use all the Chaos Energy inside you, that, along with us attacking could weaken him,” Blaze suggested.

“Yeah. Weaken him, but no kill him, he’s immortal, what are we going to do about that?” Silver brought up.

“No, he isn’t immortal.”

“How do you know, Winter?”

“Because the guy told me,” she shrugged. “I like playing the word game.”

“So our plan could work?!” The two teens asked, excited.

Winter nodded.

“Sweet!” They whispered to each other.