Unsuspected Heroes Chapter 62 & 63

[Chapter 62]

“You are strong Winter, but without your Dark Energy, you don’t stand a chance.”

Winter ignored this remark, knowing he was baiting her and simply responded with multiply homing attacks with an icy finish.

Mephiles. In response. Shot a solidified stream of Dark Energy. The blunt force of the attack sent her flying to what felt like the stratosphere. Using her agility, she managed to land on her feet, sliding backward, her feet digging into the earth. A sudden boom erupted for the spot the albino hedgehog was to be found, she charged at Mephiles, at Mach speed, fist iced, delivering a supersonic punch to the monstrous creature.

Mephiles growled as he wiped away the blood that was seeping through his lips. “You listen here you pathetic-”

“No, you listen to me,” she interrupted. “I’m the Ultimate Living Weapon, I have outsmarted every attempt to find me for our ten years, I have defeated The Doctor several times, on my own, and with the help of others, I have never failed, or given up, and I sure as hell ain’t gonna start now!”

“My, my, my, I never took you as a poet, Project Chaos, but I must say, those were very…poetic last words.”

[Chapter 63]

The two of them were combating several clones of their dark adversary. “Oh Chaos,” Power hissed. He looked over at his body guards, who were fighting for their very lives, his, and of those living in the big city in the horizon. “Die!” He yelled as be began to take swings at the clones closing in on him.

When his finally opened his eyes he saw he had destroyed several of the clones, but those he didn’t destroy where running towards something. At first impulse he felt like calling out the classic, “yeah, you better run,” but as he looked he saw…

“They’re alive!” He looked back at Blaze and DJ. “Shadow and Silver, they’re alive!” He ran towards them, plowing through whatever clones where in his way.

“Chaos, how did you two survive?!” He asked, helping the black hedgehog up.

Shadow steadied himself before answering, “Silver, he put a shield around us.” The two turned and looked at the unconscious silver hedgehog.

“Silver?!” The both of them ran over to him.

“Oh for the love of Mobius, is he dead?!” Power whimpered.

“No, I-I don’t think so,” Shadow said, breathless. Power pressed his ear against Silver’s chest. He heard a heartbeat. He sighed, a small, relived smile on his face. Shadow nodded. The red-orange hedgehog noticed his labored breathing.

“Are you alright?” He began to examining his ebony friend.

“I’m fine. Wh-where are the others, and Winter?” He enquired.

“They’re fine, for now, focus on yourself, somethings wrong with you, right now!” Power scolded.

“I said I’m fine, it-its Winter….”

“What are you talking about?!”

“Chaos,” he hissed. “Winter and I share a connection…we can feel when the other is in danger…b-but it has never been this strong…”

“Well maybe that’s because she’s never fought the devil before.”

“What?! She fighting Mephiles, alone?” He seemed to be, at least, beginning to panic.

“Hey, hey, pull yourself together man, you’re Shadow The Hedgehog, the Ultimate Lifeform, and she’s Project Chaos, the Ultimate Living Weapon, and if there is anything I have learned about the two of you is that you can only be fooled once. Mephiles got in her head once, she isn’t going to let him do it again.”

“Is that all you learned about us?” The black hedgehog asked.

“That’s relevant to this moment? Yeah.”

Suddenly, four clones merged into one goliath of a clone. Power, by instinct, raised his arms, creating a wall of fire to protect them from the monster clone’s attack. The two could hear the creature’s shrieks as its giant fist collide with the fire. “Ooooooh yeah baby, Power’s back!” The young hedgehog grinned.

“Guard Silver until his wakes up,” Shadow ordered.

“Yes, oh fearless leader,” Power bowed.

Shadow chuckled slightly before engaging in a battle with his adversary.