Unsuspected Heroes Chapter 61

“We got him, keep going!” Power yelled. He looked at his rings, he was running on amber. ‘C’mon Power, you can’t quite now, they need you.’ He could hear Mephiles roaring in anger, he was sure it was anger, a person like him feels no pain.

He gasped. He looked down. His right hand. “No, no, nonono!” He hissed. He left hand’s fire began to flicker. “No! No, not now. C’mon, c’mon!”

There was nothing he could do, he was out. He was no longer useful, just dead weight.

DJ froze. “N-no,” he shuttered. He whipped around, he finally spotted what he was looking for, “Power, NO!” He yelled, shooting vines at his friend’s hand, stopping him from removing the ring clasped around his wrist. Blaze came running over, having being the only one close enough to hear the young hedgehog’s cry.

“What happened?!” She asked.

“Power was going to take off his rings!” DJ panted.

“I’m out!” Power began, “I have to!”

“No you don’t!” DJ yelled. “What good would you do killing yourself?!”

“I’m dead weight!” He yelled. “I’m useless, just like that day when my father…” he stopped short.

“Power,” Blaze and DJ began shooting at Mephiles again. “You father died a selfless death so that you and all those with you could live, not for you to kill yourself when it is not needed.” Blazed looked about at him. “Just stay behind us and regain your strength.”

“Look out!!” Power yelled.

Winter turned to her far right. She looked in terror to see Mephiles charging a huge ball of Dark Energy. “RUN!” She screamed.

Everyone came running towards the albino hedgehog to be protected by her shield.

“You can’t save them all!” Mephiles laughed.

At that moment, he fired a stream of Dark Energy blocking Shadow and Silver access to the rest of the group.

“Chaos Shield!” Winter cried reluctantly. They all stood in the protective barrier, silent. They all gasped when the heard the boom from the giant projectile hitting the ground.

Winter felt a pain, not an external pain, but an inter pain. Shadow, Silver, they were gone.

“O-o-o-oh my Chaos, th-there…dead!” Blaze shuttered. Power and DJ just looked down at the ground. Winter just froze, memories ran through her mind, the few she had with Silver. The many she had with Shadow, all leading up to that moment in the cave, where he said he loved her. She was never really sure if she loved him until that moment, the thought that she would never see him again made her feel sad, and alone.

“Let’s finish him,” she stated. The other three Mobians looked at her. “Let’s finish him,” she re-stated.

“What do you mean, we can’t, Power has no energy. Shadow and Silver are….” He paused. “It’s just you, Blaze and I. We, we don’t stand a chance.”

“We don’t stand a chance?! We never stood a chance, we all should have been dead long time ago!” Winter exclaimed. “Trust me, this is one of the things I was created to do, calculate, you, Blaze, you shouldn’t be here, time travel, really, you can travel forward in time, but not backward, and that’s just a theory. You, Power and DJ, you two should have been captured by G.U.N long time ago. Me, me, I don’t know where I should be, but it sure as hell isn’t here! The whole world has been hunting me, you don’t have to be a genius to calculate I should have been captured. We are the underdogs, we aren’t even supposed to be alive, yet, here we are, so don’t you dare say, we don’t stand a chance!” She looked all of them in the eye. “Now, I’m going to put this shield down, you have to options, stand and fight, and possibly dead trying, or run away and die a coward.”

With that she exhaled and pulled down her shield.

“Mephiles!” Winter called.

“Ah, do you finally see, do you see what you can do, do you finally understand.”

“Yes, I do understand.” Mephiles smiled, but his smile did not last. “I understand that you are a monster that craves nothing but death and misery, and I’m the only thing standing in your way.”

“Do you plan on fighting me on your own, Winter? Please this is hilarious, no one can stop me, I am a GOD!”

“She’s not alone.”

Winter smiled as her three friends took a stand beside her. “Blaze, DJ, your top priority is to protect Power, I’ll take the heavy fire.”

“Winter, don’t let your anger control you,” DJ called out.

“Been fighting it my whole life,” Winter called back, before jumping at Mephiles.