Unsuspected Hereos Chapter 64

 “You can’t win; darkness cannot defeat darkness!”

“Thanks for the information, know let me give some, I’m not all darkness,” she retorted.

“Aren’t you? You may be, what you call, controlling it, but really all you are is a ravenous wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

“You wanna see a ravenous wolf?” She growled. She began to bombard him with multiple attacks, spin-dashes, homing attacks. “Chaos Freeze!”

RAH! Fine, if you won’t join the darkness, you just have to drown in it!” With that he charged at her, kicking her in the chest.

At impact the air was knocked out of her lungs, she was also sent back by the force. She landed on her back. She got up quickly, trying to catch her breath, but Mephiles gave her no rest, he quickly ran at her again, this time pouching her right in the face, the force of this blow sent her a few inches into the air and then rolling across the rough ground.

Winter got up quickly and growled, ignoring the taste of her own blood. This time when Mephiles attacked her, she countered it, grabbing his clenched fist with her on iced one. While still holding him, she curled up into a ball and spun in the same place in the air before throwing him. She then ran to the place he had landed and threw him upward, she then targeted him with homing-attack, causing him to crash to the ground like a meteorite.

She stood and watched him hobble to his feet. She wanted him to suffer, she wanted him to pay for everything he did, she wanted…revenge. She could feel her rage bubbling, and in turn her Dark Energy.

“You feel it don’t you, the power, the longing to destroy…the rage.”

“Yes,” she began. “I feel the rage everyday, every second.”

“Then you must know, this is your destiny, you are meant for much greater than to live with these mortals, who, all they do is hunt you down like a monster; they beat you, they mock you, they scorn you, they don’t deserve your forgiveness.”

“See, that’s where you’re wrong…” she looked him in the eyes. “They do deserve my forgiveness, yes, they hunt me, they mock me, they beat me and scorn me, and they will never stop doing it, but they are also caring, loving, and forgiving. I’ve seen both sides of them, the good and the bad. Yes, they make mistakes-monumental ones-but they always come together to fix them, to support each other.”

“You are naïve; you would forgive them of this great folly?!” He asked her.

“What folly, the only one here committing a folly is you, so to no longer been naïve, I’ll punish you!” With that she fired an icicle right at his chest. He just stood there, looking at her, and began to laugh;

“You foolish child,” he ripped the icicle out of his chest. “I may not be immortal, but it’ll take more than this to kill me.” He thrusted the icicle back towards her, a companioned by dark arrows. She quickly jumped out of the way. Mephiles teleported behind her and wrapped his arms around her neck. “You could have been great, you could’ve ruled the world, but you squandered your gift, you suppressed your true self, you are not worthy of it!”

“You don’t know how happy I am to hear you say that!” Winter growled as she grabbed Mephiles by the top quill, throwing him into the ground. She quickly created a large block of ice and slammed it over the dark monster.

She sighed, finally beginning to feel the pain from the blows she had received.