Unsuspected Heroes Chapter 60

“C’mon everyone, move away from the city’s edge!” Topaz yelled. She looked around the noises she heard matched the chaotic scene, people running for their lives, voices and cries over lapping.

“Mommy, mommy!” A little voice wailed. Topaz turned and found a pathetic little child sitting amidst the chaos.

“Hi there, I’m Topaz, what your name?” She asked, scooping the child into her arms.

“Helen, I-I can’t find my mommy,” the little girl sniffled.

“It’s ok, I’m sure we’ll find her, c’mon, let’s go to the center of the city,” Topaz said. “Hey, I’m taking this kid to find her mother.”

“Alright, we got this covered,” Sonic called.

As she walked, little child in hand, she looked back, far away for the cities edge the sky was filled with darkness, but every now and again, a color would flash, like a light show, only, it wasn’t pleasant, and with every passing second it seemed to linger closer and closer.

“What’s happening?”  The little girl asked, who had now stopped crying.

“There’s a bad man out there, and some good people are stopping him,” Topaz replied, only scratching the surface of what was really going on.