Unsuspected Heroes Chapter 58

“Haha, look we’re almost there!” Marco exclaimed.

“Something’s wrong,” the Mobians stated.

“Oh for the love of Chaos, what now?!” Ant groaned.

“Chaos!” Topaz whispered, frozen in fear and shock.

It was about mid-day, but you wouldn’t have been able to tell since the area before them was almost as dark as night, like a storm cloud was blotting out the sun. The air was filled will destruction and had an evil feel, it was like something right out of a horror film. Never had any of them seen any as terrifying as this, not Perfect Chaos, not the Black Arms, not the idea of Project Chaos, not even the Chaos Crisis was as scary as this!

“Wh-what are we gonna do?” Polo asked, shivering in fear.

“You’re going to get to safety,” Shadow order.

“Like hell,” Topaz protested. “This is our world too, and I for one ain’t gonna let some psychopath turn it into some literal hell hole.”

“You don’t have any weapons, not to mention they won’t work on him!” Winter yelled. “You need to get out of here.”

“This is getting way to close to the city, we need to evacuate,” Peach stated.

“Ok fine, we got the civilians,” Topaz looked at them all, “Kick his psychotic butt!”

“Don’t worry, we will,” Winter growled forming her ice swords.

“Going to cut you loses, I don’t think so,” Mephiles laughed, as he fired dark energy at the humans.

“Nope,” Power said shooting fire at the Dark Energy attack, so his fire was disintegrated instead of the humans.

“We’ll give you a police escort,” Sonic stated, as he and Tails stood on either side of them, as to protect them.

“Chaos Shield!”

“Ok we need a plan,” Rouge stated.

“You should go help with the evacuation,” Winter said.

“No way, you’re not fighting him by yourself, he can get into your head,” she protested.

“I meant you and Knuckles should go help with the evacuation, you don’t have any attacks that doesn’t involve throwing something other than yourselves at him, which won’t work, since you’ll be disintegrated.” Winter explained. “The rest of us will take on Mephiles.”

“We can’t just leave you all here,” Knuckles argued.

“We got this, we’re the heroes no one suspected, even Mephiles, that gives us an advantage!” Power said smiles smugly.

“Chaos, you sound just like Sonic!” Knuckles chuckled.

“Is that a good thing…?”

“In this case, it is. Unsuspected Heroes, let’s kick some butt!” Shadow growled.

“Oh Chaos I can’t believe, I named our squad!” Power whispered to himself, bouncing with excitement, but he quickly got him battle face on when the shield fell reveling their enemy.

“Hope you all said your good-byes, because this is where you all DIE!!!”