Unsuspected Heroes Chapter 54

“Sonic, the end is just up ahead!” Tails called, clearly happy.

“Damn straight!”

“Tails!” Sonic cried.

Every happened so fast, no one really knew what had happened.

“WHAT?!” Mephiles growled. A greenish-blue aroura surrounded him, and he was unable to move.

“You’re not killing anyone!” Silver growled in reply.

“Haha, naïve child, I have already killed,” he grinned.

“What are you talking about?” Sonic asked.

“I killed the Commander, as well as Eggman, and everyone who dead that glorious day…including, Amy, your wife…Sonic,” he said. His words were like a knife. “And you’ve been working for me all this time, you, Sonic the Hedgehog, hero of Mobius, have been working for the man who killed your wife!” He mocked.

“I’m going to kill you!” Sonic roared. His quills were turning dark, and his voice was taking a deeper, angrier tone.

“Sonic, no!” Tails yelled, grabbing his arm. “Sonic please, if you do this you’ll be just like him, please don’t do this!”

“Be just like him?! He killed for no reason, I’m going to kill him so he can’t kill anymore!” He answered.

“Really, is that why?!” Tails yelled, know standing in front of him. “Or is it for revenge?!”

“What does it matter?!” He yelled.

“Sonic, if you do this, you’ll have to life with it the rest of your life! Please, is this what you want, is that what Amy would want?”

“He killed her!”


“Tails…” he turned back to his normal self, his voice was sad, “I’m sorry, lil’ bro, you shouldn’t, I…”

“There’s more than one way to skin a cat!” Mephiles growled, running into Sonic.

“SONIC!” Tails screamed.

“Why would you skin a cat?” Sonic mocked.

“Why not?” He asked, kicking Sonic into a tree.

Sonic whipped around and growled. Mephiles was gone. “Where are you?! If you’re going to kill me don’t make a movie out of it!” He called.

“If you insist,” he smiled. He fired multiple dark energy projectiles at him. Sonic zipped around, dodging left and right. Sonic then spin-dashed Mephiles, who feel to the ground.

“You just got spin-dashed,” Sonic declared, striking a pose.

“Humor, that’s a sign…you know you’re going to die, don’t you?”

“We’ve all gotta go eventually, except Shadow and Winter, lucky jerks, but hey, I wanna go out will style.”

“Style, well, that can be arranged. How do you want to die, quickly and almost painlessly, or slowly and painfully?”

“Hahahahaha, that’s the problem with you bad guys, you always forget something?” Mephiles looked confused. Sonic laughed. “What you forget is-unlike you-I have friends!”

Mephiles was then telekinetically flung into a burning tree.

“Thanks for that guys,” Sonic said, giving them a thumbs up.

“Let’s get going, I can’t hold him forever,” Silver warned.

“On your mark…getsetgo!”