Unsuspected Heroes Chapter 53

“Why did I agree to this?!”

“Knuckles you can’t be afraid of heights, you lived on a floating island!” Rogue teased.

“I’m not afraid of heights, unless the fall leads to being burned alive!” He yelled.

“I wouldn’t drop you, Knuxs,” she said, plainly.

“You better not,” he grumbled.

“Plus, it’s my turn to save you from falling to a fiery death,” she smirked. Knuckles smiled. He attention was suddenly turned to something below them.

“What the heck is-oh chaos-Rogue, up, up, up!” He panicked.


“Just do it!” He ordered.

“Knuckles what’s going on?”

“Go up and I’ll tell you!” So Rouge flapped her wings faster as to gain height. She looked down at him, waiting for an explanation; “Mephiles,” he sighed. He saw Rouges expression change into a fearful one.

“Mephiles…or Winter?” She whispered.

“I donno, hopefully the first.”  She nodded, know looking ahead.