Unsuspected Heroes Chapter 52

“Chaos,” she whispered. She was alone in the blazing forest. She didn’t know where the others were, she didn’t even know if they were alive or not, but that wasn’t going to stop her, the fate of this world was upon her, and she wasn’t planning on failing.

She began to put out the fire around her, she wondered if Power was doing the same thing. “If he is, we should meet eventually.”

As she continued to walked something caught her attention, “Omega?!” She exclaimed. She ran over to the fallen robot.

“Bl-blaze the Cat, ally,” he stated.

“Omega, what happened?” She asked.

“I-kitzzz-Mephiles…Blaze-kitzzzzzzz-,” and with that his robot body became lifeless.

“Omega!”  She looked at the dead robot. “I promise you Omega, I will make sure you didn’t die in vain.” With this she ran off, putting out the fire as she went.