Unsuspected Heroes Chapter 51

“What is this, the never ending woods?!” Edward screamed.

“Calm down, panicking won’t solve anything,” Topaz ordered.

“There has to be another way,” Power stated. He turned at faced the scientists, and engineers. “You guys are smart, you built a bridge to another dimension, and a weapon with the capability to destroy the world-”

“Which we agreed was bad,” Peach pointed out.

“Ok yeah, but now you can use your smarts for good, think of something!”

“You’re running out of power aren’t you?” DJ whispered.

“Maybe a little,” Power answered, looking at his fire rings which was glowing dimly.

“He controls fire, and he controls plants.”

“What an observation!” Ant said sarcastically.

“Wait, if the fire had nothing to consume it would die out,” Mario stated.

“We all know that, but we can’t suck all the air out of this forest!” Peach replied.

“I never said air, Peach, I said things to consume, like wood,” he answered.

“What are you getting at?” Edward asked.

Mario sighed before continuing, “He controls plants. Hey, DJ, right?” DJ nodded. “DJ, can you kill plants?”

“In theory, yes, but I’ve never tried,” he informed.

“Well no time like the present,” Peach urged.

DJ concentrated really hard.

“It’s not working!” Edward hissed.

“DJ, just make the plant grow in reverse,” Mario advised.

So DJ tried again, the tree turned back into a sapling, and continued to regress, until, it was nothing but a seed in the ground, something the fire couldn’t consume.

“Ok, good job, but that’s just one tree, what about the rest?” Topaz asked. Suddenly many of the trees around them regressed back into seeds. “Ok…that’ll work.” She answered her own question.

“This is perfect, when all the plants are gone, we’ll be able to find the others!” Polo exclaimed.

“…But so will Mephiles,” Power stated.

“That’s a risk we’ll have to take,” DJ answered, as he continued to un-grow the plants in his range.