Unsuspected Heroes Chapter 48, 49

“We lost the others!” Tails yelled.

Sonic looked back, he could only see Silver and Tails, “We have to go look for them!”

“Sonic, we can’t!” Silver called. “We have to keep going!”

“No, we can’t leave them behind!” He answered. “Knuckles! Rogue! ANYONE!”

“Sonic, they won’t be able to hear you!”

“We have to find them!” He continued. “I…I can’t lose anyone else…!”

A gust fiery wind howled towards them. Silver blocked it using his telekinesis. “It’s getting stronger; I don’t know how much longer I do this! We have to…go!”

“Sonic, have faith. I’m sure they’re all fine, we have to go, please, Sonic,” Tails begged, grabbing Sonic’s arm.

“A-alright, on three we run-”

“Wait! I don’t have super speed,” Silver panicked.

“If I grab you will the shield disappear?” Sonic asked.

“No, as long as I concentrate on it, it should last….”

“Great-one, two, THREE!”

Faster than Silver could realize Sonic had grabbed him and was dragging him through the burning forest. He suddenly started to worry about the others, he wasn’t too worried about Blaze and Power, they could control fire, but everyone else could be roasting alive, or worse, Mephiles might have them…. Winter…she, what happened to her, what was that Dark Energy stuff Tails referred too, was she ok, was Shadow ok?

‘Silver, stop it, they’re fine, he’s the Ultimate Lifeform, and she’s the Ultimate Living Weapon, have some…faith.’

[Chapter 49]

“Think we’ll make it?” Rogue asked.

“I donno,” Knuckles replied, still running.

“Just in case,” she said, as she turned him around and kissed him on the check. Knuckles looked at her, blushing. “Well, c’mon, let’s go.” She started to run again.

“W-what just happened?” He asked himself.