Unsuspected Heroes Chapter 46 & 47

“Shadow, we have to go, NOW!” Sonic called.

Shadow got up, holding Winter in his arms. He looked around the literal hell he was in, that they all were in. He spotted the others heading for their only exist.

“Shadow, we must go,” Omega said. He looked at Winter. “Is she still alive?”

They were now running down the halls towards the exist of the base. “Yes….” He answered.

“Good, I would like to tell her she has my 100% respect….”

“Oh my Chaos,” Topaz gasped. The woods that surrounded the base was on fire. Their only way out, was literally up in flames.

“Please tell me this was part of the plan,” Ant begged.

“HAHAHA, you have no escape!”

“RUN!” Sonic yelled.

“Where?!” Polo screamed. As an answer Sonic ran INTO the burning woods.

“WHAT?! WE’RE GOING DIE!” Marco panicked.

“We’re gonna die if we stay here, c’mon!” Power called. With that everyone ran for their lives, into the fiery blockade, hoping, against all odds that they would reach the other side.

[Chapter 47]

“Hey you, hedgehog with the really long quills,” Mario yelled.

“What?” Power asked. (He and DJ were not running at top speed).

“Can’t you control fire?”


“Then why don’t you PUT OUT THE FIRE!” He screamed.

“I can’t put out a fire this big, I’m not strong enough,” he replied.

But what he could do was clear a path for them. “We have a problem,” Ant panted.

“What?” DJ asked.

“The others are gone,” he said, looking back.

Power and DJ looked at each other, they were on their own, in a burning forest, with humans.

“What are we gonna do?” Edward asked.

“I can keep the fire from burning us alive, but were gonna need to start moving again,” Power informed.

“No problem, just give us a few minutes to catch our breath,” Topaz replied.

“Coms are down,” DJ stated. “We’re own our own.”


Unsuspected Hereos Chapter 44 & 45

“Winter…pl-please,” Shadow croaked. Winter did not loosen her grip. Shadow placed his hands on each of her arms, he groaned as his left hand can into contact with her arm. “Winter, remember when you promised you wouldn’t leave me…?” he paused, trying to catch his breath.

For a second Winter loosened her grip, Shadow used the little strength he had left to rip her hands off his neck.

“You promised you wouldn’t leave me, turning into a mindless drone counts as leaving me.”

She didn’t respond, she hardly even moved. “Can’t you see, Mephiles is doing to you exactly what Eggman was trying to do, he’s taking away your free will, and I know you’re fighting it, because you’re too stubborn to just give in,” he looked her in the eyes, “It’s one of your best qualities, so snap out of it, damn it!

Winter got up, she took multiply steps back. “Sh-Shadow? She whispered. She suddenly collapsed to the ground.

Shadow ran over to her, “Winter?!” He looked at her, her fur and clothing were slowly changing back to normal.

[Chapter 45]

“Blast it!” Mephiles growled. He had been watching everything through the surveillance. “Ten years of planning shall NOT go to waist, even if I have to kill them all MYSELF!”  He teleported into the room. “You are all so annoyingly persistent.”

“Oh, look who re-joined the party,” Sonic commented.

“Re-joined, no, I’ve came he to END YOU ALL!”

“I don’t think so,” DJ growled, swatting him out of the sky with a thorny vine.

Mephiles turned to him, “That was you greatest…and last mistake.”

Mephiles fired a concentrated ball of Dark Energy, DJ blocked it with a thick wall of planets. He dashed behind him and fired a shock wave.

“Rah, just lay down and die!” Mephiles growled.

“Do we assist him?” Omega asked.

DJ fired thick thorny vines, constricting Mephiles.

“Nah, I, I think he’s got it under control,” Sonic replied.

“He had to have already seen this,” Silver stated.

DJ dodged every single one of Mephiles’ attacks, and countered all of his attacks.

“You are stronger than you look, child,” he panted. DJ kept him pinned down with thick tree limbs. “It was you,” he laughed, “All of this planning, a ten-year plan, failing, all because I didn’t plan for you, a teenaged boy who sees things he shouldn’t see…how could I?”

“Too bad for you!” DJ replied, he slammed his hands against the ground, the ground shook until it literally broke apart the ground under Mephiles.

Everyone started at DJ awestruck. “Remind me to never get on your bad side,” Sonic said.

“DJ, do me a favor and…NEVER DO ANYTHING LIKE THAT AGAIN!” Power raised his voice. “You nearly gave me a heart attack!”

“I care about you too, Power,” DJ teased.

“Um…the androids are…kinda, you know, still here,” Silver reminded awkwardly.

Omega fired multiple projectiles, “Androids, what androids, I detect no androids.”


“NO,” Peach exclaimed.

“All your persistence wasted, for in the end, you’re all going to die.”

“Noooooo!” They all yelled, as Mephiles pushed the button to fire the weapon.  

The huge cannon made some unpleasant noises as it fired, but the weapon’s trajectory was off, really off, now it was Mephiles’ turn to yell no.

“Now who’s persistence is failing,” Sonic mocked.

“I will kill you, I’M GOING TO KILL YOU ALL!” He yelled, clearly infuriated.