Unsuspected Heroes Chapter 43

“YES!” Omega cheered, destroying every android in range.

“Dang, do you guys see Winter?” Knuckles asked.

“Yes, Knuckles, we all saw her!” Topaz replied. (They are speaking through communicators, because they a fighting a good distance from one another). “What happened to her, I thought you said she WASN’T evil.”

“She isn’t…” Sonic began. He paused because he was spin-dashing another android. “…But she did call herself a monster.”

“She, this isn’t her, it’s her Dark Energy,” Tails explained.

“Power,” DJ began.

“Sup?” He asked turning his head, but continuing to fire.

“I, I didn’t see any of this,” he whispered.

“Dude, even if you did, what could you have done to stop it, let our and Blaze’s worlds die?”

“I donno, it looks like we’re going to loss anyway,” he answered.

“DJ, we got this,” Power encouraged.

“Ah,” DJ groaned, putting his hand on his head.

“Not now!” Power was about to panic. DJ didn’t stop attacking the androids. “Wh-what are you doing, stop, you gonna over do it!”

“I-I’ll be fine,” DJ hissed.

“What are you seeing?” He asked.

“Something like an…an alternate ending,” he said. His voiced sounded tried and weak.

“Is it good, for the love of Mobius, please be good?” Power more begged than asked.

“It’s hope…but Winter has to snap out of this…or it’s all over,” DJ finished.

Power looked back, he couldn’t see Winter or Shadow. “Hope those two are as strong as we were all lead to believe.”