Unsuspected Heroes Chapter 41

Once everyone was standing on the roof of the elevator, Omega blew them a way in. The room was surprisingly bright. “Holy shit!” All the people in the room exclaimed.

“Do not worry, we mean you no harm,” Omega announced.

“I got this,” Sonic said, stepping forward. “That weapon you’re working on; it’s going to kill everyone.”

“Yeah, everyone who’s an Overpowered,” Ant finished.

“No, it’s going to kill everyone,” Sonic answered.

“What?” Mario asked, genuinely surprised.

“They didn’t know?” Silver whispered to Shadow.

“Not all humans are capable of genocide,” Shadow replied.

“Unless, it’s ‘Overpowereds’,” he whispered back.

“Everyone was lead to believe we are dangerous, they were lied to,” Shadow defended.

“I wasn’t alright with committing genocide,” Polo shuttered.

“How, how do we know you’re not lying, you’re working with the Traitor,” Macro accused.

“I didn’t betray G.U.N, they marked me as Overpowered,” Shadow answered, plainly.

“That still doesn’t answer why we should believe you, how could you know this?”

“Because we’re from the future,” Silver and Blaze stepped forward.

“You are preparing to take the Sol Emeralds from my world, destroying it, and yours.”

All the scientists looked at each other. “What the hell, Towers isn’t paying us anyway,” Edward shrugged.

“But then, we’ll be traitors,” Ant stated.

“We’re going to overthrow G.U.N.,” Shadow informed plainly.

“Alright, what do you want us to do?” Marco asked.

“Shut down the Bridge, and weapon,” he replied.

“We can’t shut down the weapon,” Peach answered.

“Why can’t any ever not have an annoying catch?”  Sonic groaned.

“What, like working with you?” Topaz answered.

“Hahah, very grown up of you, Topaz,” Sonic replied.

While this was happening, Tails, Rouge and the other sciences worked to shut down the Bridge.

“What about the weapon?” Knuckles asked.

“Can we destroy it?!” Omega asked eagerly.

“Hit it with everything you got Omega!” Sonic grinned.

Omega fired multiply missiles, bullets, flame throwers, the works.

“Damn, what the hell do you do to him?” Shadow asked, astounded.

“So really over the top upgrades, I now see,” Sonic answered, an amazed and astounded expression on his face.

“We have incoming,” Ant called. Peach, Ant, Edward, and Mario grabbed their weapons, ready to fire. A swarm of androids rushed in.

“Oh c’mon!” Knuckles groaned.

“I’m guessing those aren’t ours,” Sonic said, sounding excited and somewhat nervous. Bullets ricocheted of metals beams and the humans’ body armor.

“Do I assist?” Omega inquired.

“No, destroy the weapon,” Shadow called. He used Chaos Lance, stunning the android, giving Sonic the chance to charge up a light speed attack.

“We make a good time, Faker,” Sonic grinned. Shadow seemingly ignored this remark, proceeding to destroy another android.

“DJ, how you holding up,” Power yelled, over the noise of his own raging flames.

“I’ve been pretty busy,” he slammed his hands on the ground sending a short of shock wave at the androids. “But, I’ve been managing.”

“Why does everything have to be a fight in this time period?” Silver asked, slamming the androids into one another.

“Because everyone’s alive in this time period,” Blaze replied. “People fight, for whatever the reason, and there always seems to be one.”


The mid-twenties bat turned to see the red echidna punch an android that would have otherwise killed her. “Thanks Knuxie.”

“No problem,” he answered, blushing slightly.

“Yes, now this is fun!” Peach laughed.

“Gah! Ya know, Peach, there is something wrong with you,” Mario said, hiding behind the desk, shooting, and ducking again, when needed.

“Depends on your point of view,” she smirked. “Yeah, kill shot!”

“Look out!” Boom!  Everyone whipped around to see what caused such a loud sound. Tails smiled smugly, holding an advanced-looking rocket launcher, “Kill shot.”

“Dang, Tails, that training paid off, didn’t it?” Topaz laughed, killing an android.

“Guess, so,” he answered. He flew into the air and fired the now advanced looking automatic, hitting multiple targets.

“Was that the last of them?” Omega asked.

“I…I think so,” Shadow panted.

“Good, I think I’m getting to old for this shirt,” Sonic joked.

“Please, you’re only 25.”

“Who the hell…?” Knuckles growled.

“Oh,” he laughed, before turning back into the Commander, “Forgot this is how you recognized me.”

“Towers…?” Topaz asked.

“Sorry to disappoint, but Abraham Towers dead in a car accident on his way home for work…ten years ago.”

“You killed him,” Rouge gasped.

“I did, it was a shame, he had such potential,” he sighed. “But I think I did a pretty good job, what do you think, you were all once the heroes of this…pathetic planet?”

“I think we need new management,” Sonic hissed.

“I got rid of Eggman, did I not, I brought peace, and we were working to eliminate future threats, is that not what you call good?” He asked.

“No, genocide isn’t really a good thing, in fact-what do I call you anyway?”

“Me? Oh, you, Sonic the Hedgehog, and the rest of you ‘heroes’, can call me Mephiles the Dark,” he grinned.  

“Less talk, more destroying!” Omega stated.

Mephiles laughed, “No, no, no, I will not have the honor of fighting you,” he paused, smiling wickedly at them all, “she will.”