Unsuspected Heroes Chapter 42

Another pack of androids walked in, but this time they had a leader;

“Winter?!” Everyone exclaimed.

She was no longer albino, but completely black. Her braided quills were now free, all her cloths were ripped, and the color of blood, along with her eyeshadow. Her expression was blank. She had huge rings on her wrists and ankles, they tilted crookedly, moving as she did.

“But…but that’s her Super Form,” Sonic whispered.

“No it’s not,” Tails whispered in reply. “The energy she’s giving off isn’t Pure Chaos Energy, it’s Dark.”

“Finish them,” Mephiles ordered.

“With pleasure,” she grinned. She moved her arm forward, and the androids charged.

“What do we do?!” Topaz asked.

“Marco, Polo, grab a weapon and get your butts over here!” Peach yelled.

“You guys take care of the androids, I’ve got Winter,” Shadow ordered.

“Shadow…” Shadow turned to face Sonic. “…You got this.”

“I hope so, Sonic,” he mumbled.

He ran to were Winter was hovering, watching the fight. “Winter!” He called.

She turned to face him, a smile creeping across her muzzle. “The Ultimate Lifeform…I was created to destroy you.”

“Winter, this isn’t you, look at what you are doing!!”

“You said you knew me for a long while, but in reality, you knew nothing, because if you did,” there was a type of aggression in her tone, “You’d know this is the real me.”

“Really, is that what you believe, that the whole world was right about you, you really believe you’re a monster?”

“It’s not a matter of believing, we are what we are,” she chuckled. “She could only keep me locked up for so long, we both knew this day would come,” she looked him in the eyes. “You had to know as well, you can’t be that much of a fool to believe she could fight me forever.”

Shadow was rather surprised; she was talking as if she was a different person. “Yes, I do believe you can fight this.”

“Winter’s gone you blind fool!” She yelled.

Shadow was angry, “Well then, why don’t you bring her back?!”

She laughed, “Bring her back?! She can’t come back, she’s gone forever…” she smiled. “…Enough talk.”

She landed, now standing on the ground, a wicked smile on her face.

“No, Winter, I won’t fight you,” Shadow said.

“Oh, I think you will, Ultimate Lifeform, you’re not one to just lay down and die.” With that she fired a concentrated ball of Dark Energy. Shadow was able to dodge it, and reluctantly fired Chaos Lance. “Oh c’mon, you can do better than that!” She taunted.

He growled. She was right, he could do better than this, so why wasn’t he?

She continued to attack him relentlessly. “C’mon, I know you’re holding back…” she looked at the panting hedgehog, “…Oooh haha, now I see why you’re holding back, you actually cared for her.” She took her eyes off him for a second, looking elsewhere, “…This is why you shouldn’t form relationships…they make you weaker.”

“That’s where you’re wrong!” He answered, kicking her.

She got up quickly, “Now this should be fun!” She charged at him, he teleported behind her and kicked her again. She flew into the air. She used Chaos Freeze, thousands of projectiles rained down on him. She smiled as she watched him bounce around like a pin ball.

She checked on the other fight that was going on, the androids were keeping the others busy, she was suddenly sent forward, crashing into a wall.

Shadow landed back on the ground after spin-dashing Winter, and whipped around, she seemed dazed, Shadow looked around, he picked up a good sized metal box, throwing it at her.

“Fool,” she hissed. The box didn’t hit the her, she destroyed it. “Nothing can hurt me, I can destroy anything,” she smirked. “Even you!”

She ran into him banging him against the wall. Shadow screamed in pain, he looked at his hand, the source of the pain, Winter had stabbed him with a dark spear. “Chaos Nightmare!” He fired a concentrated ball of Chaos Energy from his right hand, hitting her right in the chest, the force sent her flying halfway across the room.

She landed on her side skidding across the metal. “I’m gonna kill you!”

“Are you really?” He asked, pain in his voice. She froze. “You were created to be able to destroy me, but you never did, Winter, why would you do it now?” She didn’t answer. He started walking towards her. “I know the real Winter can hear me,” he breathed deep, “Winter, you’re the strongest person I know, hell, you’re even strong then me,” he paused again, he felt uncomfortable, but continued, “You never gave into all your anger and hatred.” For the first time since she had turned Dark, she was shocked.

He now stood at arm’s length from her. Quicker than Shadow could react she knocked him down and rapped her hands around his neck proceeding to choke him.