Unsuspected Heroes Chapter 40

It was dark now, which meant Shadow and the others had managed to shut off the power. She could no longer see where she was going. She was feeling a pull, like the pull she felt when her Chaos Energy reacted to Shadow’s, but this one was different. She walked into a room, she was careful in case any agents where inside, but she didn’t hear any. The room was pitch black, only a dim light from a lantern sitting on the desk in the center of the room.

“We finally meet…Project Chaos,” a voice said. Winter tensed. She recognized that voice. “I just never thought we would meet in my office.” The Commander of G.U.N stood by the lantern, the light illuminated most of his body, giving him an eerie look, a wickedly happy smile on his face.

“I’m guessing I have you and Shadow to thank for this,” he was talking about the blackout. She didn’t answer. “Not much of a talker.” He chuckled. After pausing a minute, he continued. “Where are my manners, what can I do for you…Project Chaos.”

“You could not kill everyone today, Towers,” she growled.

He began to laugh. “You think Towers could really do all this, create a weapon to kill everyone? HA! He did have potential, but I am not he.” He laughed at her confused and angry expression. “My, you really did think Towers was still alive.” When he laughed this time, his body began to change, a cloud of purple smoke surrounding him, and Commander Abraham Towers turned into a hedgehog. As he was changing he said, “Towers dead in a ‘car accident’ on his way home one day, and I took his place. My name is Mephiles the Dark, and you, Project Chaos, you and I have one ever so important, powerful, destructive, thing in common.”

She growled, and tensed.

Mephiles continued talking, “I’m not going to hurt you….”

“No, you right,” she said, loosening up. “You aren’t going to hurt me, you’re going to kill me, and everyone else!”

“Hahah, you two are smarter than I anticipated, yet still, so naïve,” he grabbed the lantern as he began to walk, stopping a good distance from her. “The Weapon of Mass Destruction, hence the name, is supposed to kill everything!

“You did all this on purpose?!” Winter asked, rage bubbling within her.

“Why, of course,” he answered.

“Why?! What’s your reason?!” She growled.

“Reason,” he laughed. “You have so much to learn, but don’t worry, I will teach you,” he laughed again, “You do not need a reason to bring death and destruction.”

“What?!” Winter roared. “You’re going to kill everyone on this planet, for not frickin’ reason?!”

His face seemed to sadden, but quickly turned back to his original wicked smile. “I will open your eyes, and you will see.” He laughed.