Unsuspected Heroes Chapter 39

“Shadow are you there yet?” Sonic asked.

“Is the power out?!”

“…No….” Sonic answered.

“Then no, we are not there yet,” Shadow yelled.

“Alright a simple, ‘No Sonic,’ would have done it,” Sonic replied.

“Hey, we’re almost to the elevator, where are you guys?” DJ asked.

“We have a little problem, Towers has given us a mission to find a leak,” Rogue informed.

“A leak, like in the pipes or something?” Power asked.

“No, a leak as in a traitor,” Tails explained.

“Do you think he’s on to us?!” Silver gasped.

“That’s a risk we’re going to have to take,” Shadow stated.

Blaze was look around the corner. If the schematics were to be believed, the generators were two levels below level zero. She watched the elevator waiting for an opening. It wasn’t the express elevator the others were going to, but a normal elevator, that went two stories down to the generator room.

“He’s giving us authority to view anything and everything,” Sonic continued.

“Then call you tell me if the elevator to the generator room is empty,” Blaze asked.

“Oh yeah, that would be smart, hehe, wouldn’t it?” Sonic laughed.

“Yes, it would,” Blaze answered.

“Go…now!” Sonic ordered. The three of them ran into the elevator. There was an awkward silence between the three, once inside the elevator.

‘Where’s Sonic’s big mouth when you need it?’ Blaze thought. The three crept into the room. It was dully illuminated by screen lights from monitors.

“Does everything have to be digitalized with you, government organizations?” Silver asked.

“G.U.N always keeps the best tech for themselves,” Shadow answered. “Keeps them ahead of everyone else.”

“I think I found the generator,” Blaze called. Silver ran over, followed by Shadow.

“What is that?” Silver asked, amazed.

“What future-boy, never seen a Chaos Drive?” Shadow smirked.

“A what now?”

“Aren’t they supposed to be small?” Blaze asked.

“Yes, this is the biggest Chaos Drive I’ve ever seen,” Shadow replied.

“So how do we shut this thing down?”

“I…I…I don’t know,” Shadow murmured.

“Stand back,” Silver warned, a greenish blue aroura surrounding him. He closed his eyes, and moved his hands towards the Chaos Drive. Soon must of the Drive was surrounded by the same greenish blue aroura.

Then, suddenly, everything went dark, the power was out. Silver’s hands, and Shadow’s inhibitor rings were the only source of light now.

“How the hell did you do that?!” Shadow asked.

“I have psychokinesis,” Silver shrugged. “It short circuits technology, I donno why, but I guess it’s a good thing.”

“Nice job!” Sonic’s voice congratulated. “We’re on our way to the elevator, meet you there.”

“Let’s move, they’ll be coming down here soon to see what’s wrong,” Shadow said, already headed for the elevator. “Ok, once we get up there we make a run for the express elevator.”

“One problem,” Silver began, nervously. “I don’t have super speed.”

“What?!” Shadow exclaimed. “All hedgehogs have super speed, why didn’t you say this earlier?!”

“Because all hedgehogs have super speed and it’s kinda embarrassing.” The elevator dinged as the doors opened, leading into the dark hallways.

“Whatever, c’mon,” Shadow growled, grabbing Silver’s hand. They hide every time they saw the flash lights of agents. Silver stopped his hands for glowing, and Shadow hide his glowing inhibitor rings the best he could.

They could hear agents shouting, since all communications were also down. Ironically, they felt safer when the lights where on.

When they got to the express elevator, the others were already there, or so they thought, not able to see too well.

Knuckles pried open the elevator doors, reveling an empty elevator shaft. Sonic looked down. “Chaos, that’s a long way down.” It looked like a dark pit to oblivion, and they we going to jump down it.