Unsuspected Hereos Chapter 38

“Team Dark, you have a debriefing in 10 minutes,” a voice announced over the PA system. The three looked at each other, they hadn’t planned for this.

“Please tell me I didn’t hear I thought I just heard,” Blaze groaned.

“What do we do?” Silver asked, with a worried tone.

“You guys continue as planned, Team Dark, you go to the debriefing,” Winter ordered.

“I would much rather be destroying things,” Omega stated.

“In due time,” she replied.

“Am I the only one that finds the fact that we are being called for a debriefing right when we were going to start our plan, scary?” Knuckles asked.

“Nope,” Topaz answered. “I promise we are walking to our deaths.”

“Do you really have to talk like that?” Tails asked, shaking at the thought of dying.

They walked into the huge room where all the debriefing took place, the room looked like a collage class room, with hundreds of chair the row behind higher than the row in front. At the front of the room was a screen on the wall, showing multiple pieces of data. There in the podium at the front of the room stood an agent.

“Where’s Commander Towers?” Rogue asked.

“The Commander couldn’t be here, something important has come up, so I will be debriefing you…is there a problem?” He replied glaring at them all.

“Your attitude,” Sonic said, under his breath.

“We have doubled security at night, but the Overpowereds still manage to hide, why is that?”

“Is this a debriefing, or an interrogation?” Topaz shot.

“Whatever you want it to be,” he answered. He paused for a moment before moving on. “We believe there are only two ways they could be doing this, one we have a leak, or two, citizens of Mobius are hiding them, and I believe it to be the latter. But Towers doesn’t want to take any chances, he wants you to conduct a secret operation to see if there is someone leaking information to these Overpowereds.”

“You want us to spy on our fellow agents?!” Sonic shouted.

“Think of it as observing, if it makes you feel better,” he eyed all of them. “Towers is assigning you because he trusts you.”

“His trust has not been misplaced,” Omega said. “We will find this leak and obliterate it.”

“Oh, one more thing, this is covert, if you get caught, Towers will say he had nothing to do with this and that you’ve gone rouge. He wants this done quietly.”

“Understood,” Knuckles said.

“You will be granted full access to all the security feed.”

“We’ll get the job done, no problem,” Sonic said.

They walked out of the room, and down the halls. “My Chaos, what if the Commander is on to us, and this is all a trap?!” Tails asked.

“Then we won’t fall of it,” Sonic answered.

“For the love of Mobius, how do that make any sense?!” Rogue yelled.

Sonic shrugged. “Not dying makes perfect sense to me.”