Unsuspected Heroes Chapter 37

“You two go with Winter. Silver, Blaze, with me,” Shadow directed.

“Testing, coms,” Silver spoke into the communicator on his wrist. Winter had made communicators for everyone with their own frequency.

“Did you just not sleep?” Power had asked.

“I’m immortal, I don’t need as much sleep as you,” she had answered plainly.

“Copy,” DJ answered.

“Ok, remember to keep your communicators on at all times, if you take them off you’ll be visible to the cameras,” Winter warned.

Once she was sure Shadow and the others where gone she turned to the two boys. “Give these to Sonic and the others, I’m going to scout, I’ll meet you guys at the elevator.” And with that she was gone.

“Oh my Chaos! I’m going to meet Sonic the Hedgehog, THE Sonic the Hedgehog!” Power laughed.

“Fan-boy,” DJ sneered.

“Let’s just go,” he answered.

They ran from hallway to hallway, each looking alike. Finally, after what felt like hours, they arrived.

“Shadows’ working with two kids?” Rouge asked, genuinely surprised.

“Put these on,” The two said, ignoring what Rogue said.


“Yes, Winter made them, we have our own frequency so no one else can overhear us,” DJ explained quickly.

“Gezz, you guys though of everything,” Knuckles complemented.

“Team Dark, you have a debriefing in 10 minutes,” a voice announced over the PA system.