Unsuspected Heroes Chapter 42

Another pack of androids walked in, but this time they had a leader;

“Winter?!” Everyone exclaimed.

She was no longer albino, but completely black. Her braided quills were now free, all her cloths were ripped, and the color of blood, along with her eyeshadow. Her expression was blank. She had huge rings on her wrists and ankles, they tilted crookedly, moving as she did.

“But…but that’s her Super Form,” Sonic whispered.

“No it’s not,” Tails whispered in reply. “The energy she’s giving off isn’t Pure Chaos Energy, it’s Dark.”

“Finish them,” Mephiles ordered.

“With pleasure,” she grinned. She moved her arm forward, and the androids charged.

“What do we do?!” Topaz asked.

“Marco, Polo, grab a weapon and get your butts over here!” Peach yelled.

“You guys take care of the androids, I’ve got Winter,” Shadow ordered.

“Shadow…” Shadow turned to face Sonic. “…You got this.”

“I hope so, Sonic,” he mumbled.

He ran to were Winter was hovering, watching the fight. “Winter!” He called.

She turned to face him, a smile creeping across her muzzle. “The Ultimate Lifeform…I was created to destroy you.”

“Winter, this isn’t you, look at what you are doing!!”

“You said you knew me for a long while, but in reality, you knew nothing, because if you did,” there was a type of aggression in her tone, “You’d know this is the real me.”

“Really, is that what you believe, that the whole world was right about you, you really believe you’re a monster?”

“It’s not a matter of believing, we are what we are,” she chuckled. “She could only keep me locked up for so long, we both knew this day would come,” she looked him in the eyes. “You had to know as well, you can’t be that much of a fool to believe she could fight me forever.”

Shadow was rather surprised; she was talking as if she was a different person. “Yes, I do believe you can fight this.”

“Winter’s gone you blind fool!” She yelled.

Shadow was angry, “Well then, why don’t you bring her back?!”

She laughed, “Bring her back?! She can’t come back, she’s gone forever…” she smiled. “…Enough talk.”

She landed, now standing on the ground, a wicked smile on her face.

“No, Winter, I won’t fight you,” Shadow said.

“Oh, I think you will, Ultimate Lifeform, you’re not one to just lay down and die.” With that she fired a concentrated ball of Dark Energy. Shadow was able to dodge it, and reluctantly fired Chaos Lance. “Oh c’mon, you can do better than that!” She taunted.

He growled. She was right, he could do better than this, so why wasn’t he?

She continued to attack him relentlessly. “C’mon, I know you’re holding back…” she looked at the panting hedgehog, “…Oooh haha, now I see why you’re holding back, you actually cared for her.” She took her eyes off him for a second, looking elsewhere, “…This is why you shouldn’t form relationships…they make you weaker.”

“That’s where you’re wrong!” He answered, kicking her.

She got up quickly, “Now this should be fun!” She charged at him, he teleported behind her and kicked her again. She flew into the air. She used Chaos Freeze, thousands of projectiles rained down on him. She smiled as she watched him bounce around like a pin ball.

She checked on the other fight that was going on, the androids were keeping the others busy, she was suddenly sent forward, crashing into a wall.

Shadow landed back on the ground after spin-dashing Winter, and whipped around, she seemed dazed, Shadow looked around, he picked up a good sized metal box, throwing it at her.

“Fool,” she hissed. The box didn’t hit the her, she destroyed it. “Nothing can hurt me, I can destroy anything,” she smirked. “Even you!”

She ran into him banging him against the wall. Shadow screamed in pain, he looked at his hand, the source of the pain, Winter had stabbed him with a dark spear. “Chaos Nightmare!” He fired a concentrated ball of Chaos Energy from his right hand, hitting her right in the chest, the force sent her flying halfway across the room.

She landed on her side skidding across the metal. “I’m gonna kill you!”

“Are you really?” He asked, pain in his voice. She froze. “You were created to be able to destroy me, but you never did, Winter, why would you do it now?” She didn’t answer. He started walking towards her. “I know the real Winter can hear me,” he breathed deep, “Winter, you’re the strongest person I know, hell, you’re even strong then me,” he paused again, he felt uncomfortable, but continued, “You never gave into all your anger and hatred.” For the first time since she had turned Dark, she was shocked.

He now stood at arm’s length from her. Quicker than Shadow could react she knocked him down and rapped her hands around his neck proceeding to choke him.


Unsuspected Heroes Chapter 41

Once everyone was standing on the roof of the elevator, Omega blew them a way in. The room was surprisingly bright. “Holy shit!” All the people in the room exclaimed.

“Do not worry, we mean you no harm,” Omega announced.

“I got this,” Sonic said, stepping forward. “That weapon you’re working on; it’s going to kill everyone.”

“Yeah, everyone who’s an Overpowered,” Ant finished.

“No, it’s going to kill everyone,” Sonic answered.

“What?” Mario asked, genuinely surprised.

“They didn’t know?” Silver whispered to Shadow.

“Not all humans are capable of genocide,” Shadow replied.

“Unless, it’s ‘Overpowereds’,” he whispered back.

“Everyone was lead to believe we are dangerous, they were lied to,” Shadow defended.

“I wasn’t alright with committing genocide,” Polo shuttered.

“How, how do we know you’re not lying, you’re working with the Traitor,” Macro accused.

“I didn’t betray G.U.N, they marked me as Overpowered,” Shadow answered, plainly.

“That still doesn’t answer why we should believe you, how could you know this?”

“Because we’re from the future,” Silver and Blaze stepped forward.

“You are preparing to take the Sol Emeralds from my world, destroying it, and yours.”

All the scientists looked at each other. “What the hell, Towers isn’t paying us anyway,” Edward shrugged.

“But then, we’ll be traitors,” Ant stated.

“We’re going to overthrow G.U.N.,” Shadow informed plainly.

“Alright, what do you want us to do?” Marco asked.

“Shut down the Bridge, and weapon,” he replied.

“We can’t shut down the weapon,” Peach answered.

“Why can’t any ever not have an annoying catch?”  Sonic groaned.

“What, like working with you?” Topaz answered.

“Hahah, very grown up of you, Topaz,” Sonic replied.

While this was happening, Tails, Rouge and the other sciences worked to shut down the Bridge.

“What about the weapon?” Knuckles asked.

“Can we destroy it?!” Omega asked eagerly.

“Hit it with everything you got Omega!” Sonic grinned.

Omega fired multiply missiles, bullets, flame throwers, the works.

“Damn, what the hell do you do to him?” Shadow asked, astounded.

“So really over the top upgrades, I now see,” Sonic answered, an amazed and astounded expression on his face.

“We have incoming,” Ant called. Peach, Ant, Edward, and Mario grabbed their weapons, ready to fire. A swarm of androids rushed in.

“Oh c’mon!” Knuckles groaned.

“I’m guessing those aren’t ours,” Sonic said, sounding excited and somewhat nervous. Bullets ricocheted of metals beams and the humans’ body armor.

“Do I assist?” Omega inquired.

“No, destroy the weapon,” Shadow called. He used Chaos Lance, stunning the android, giving Sonic the chance to charge up a light speed attack.

“We make a good time, Faker,” Sonic grinned. Shadow seemingly ignored this remark, proceeding to destroy another android.

“DJ, how you holding up,” Power yelled, over the noise of his own raging flames.

“I’ve been pretty busy,” he slammed his hands on the ground sending a short of shock wave at the androids. “But, I’ve been managing.”

“Why does everything have to be a fight in this time period?” Silver asked, slamming the androids into one another.

“Because everyone’s alive in this time period,” Blaze replied. “People fight, for whatever the reason, and there always seems to be one.”


The mid-twenties bat turned to see the red echidna punch an android that would have otherwise killed her. “Thanks Knuxie.”

“No problem,” he answered, blushing slightly.

“Yes, now this is fun!” Peach laughed.

“Gah! Ya know, Peach, there is something wrong with you,” Mario said, hiding behind the desk, shooting, and ducking again, when needed.

“Depends on your point of view,” she smirked. “Yeah, kill shot!”

“Look out!” Boom!  Everyone whipped around to see what caused such a loud sound. Tails smiled smugly, holding an advanced-looking rocket launcher, “Kill shot.”

“Dang, Tails, that training paid off, didn’t it?” Topaz laughed, killing an android.

“Guess, so,” he answered. He flew into the air and fired the now advanced looking automatic, hitting multiple targets.

“Was that the last of them?” Omega asked.

“I…I think so,” Shadow panted.

“Good, I think I’m getting to old for this shirt,” Sonic joked.

“Please, you’re only 25.”

“Who the hell…?” Knuckles growled.

“Oh,” he laughed, before turning back into the Commander, “Forgot this is how you recognized me.”

“Towers…?” Topaz asked.

“Sorry to disappoint, but Abraham Towers dead in a car accident on his way home for work…ten years ago.”

“You killed him,” Rouge gasped.

“I did, it was a shame, he had such potential,” he sighed. “But I think I did a pretty good job, what do you think, you were all once the heroes of this…pathetic planet?”

“I think we need new management,” Sonic hissed.

“I got rid of Eggman, did I not, I brought peace, and we were working to eliminate future threats, is that not what you call good?” He asked.

“No, genocide isn’t really a good thing, in fact-what do I call you anyway?”

“Me? Oh, you, Sonic the Hedgehog, and the rest of you ‘heroes’, can call me Mephiles the Dark,” he grinned.  

“Less talk, more destroying!” Omega stated.

Mephiles laughed, “No, no, no, I will not have the honor of fighting you,” he paused, smiling wickedly at them all, “she will.”

Unsuspected Heroes Chapter 40

It was dark now, which meant Shadow and the others had managed to shut off the power. She could no longer see where she was going. She was feeling a pull, like the pull she felt when her Chaos Energy reacted to Shadow’s, but this one was different. She walked into a room, she was careful in case any agents where inside, but she didn’t hear any. The room was pitch black, only a dim light from a lantern sitting on the desk in the center of the room.

“We finally meet…Project Chaos,” a voice said. Winter tensed. She recognized that voice. “I just never thought we would meet in my office.” The Commander of G.U.N stood by the lantern, the light illuminated most of his body, giving him an eerie look, a wickedly happy smile on his face.

“I’m guessing I have you and Shadow to thank for this,” he was talking about the blackout. She didn’t answer. “Not much of a talker.” He chuckled. After pausing a minute, he continued. “Where are my manners, what can I do for you…Project Chaos.”

“You could not kill everyone today, Towers,” she growled.

He began to laugh. “You think Towers could really do all this, create a weapon to kill everyone? HA! He did have potential, but I am not he.” He laughed at her confused and angry expression. “My, you really did think Towers was still alive.” When he laughed this time, his body began to change, a cloud of purple smoke surrounding him, and Commander Abraham Towers turned into a hedgehog. As he was changing he said, “Towers dead in a ‘car accident’ on his way home one day, and I took his place. My name is Mephiles the Dark, and you, Project Chaos, you and I have one ever so important, powerful, destructive, thing in common.”

She growled, and tensed.

Mephiles continued talking, “I’m not going to hurt you….”

“No, you right,” she said, loosening up. “You aren’t going to hurt me, you’re going to kill me, and everyone else!”

“Hahah, you two are smarter than I anticipated, yet still, so naïve,” he grabbed the lantern as he began to walk, stopping a good distance from her. “The Weapon of Mass Destruction, hence the name, is supposed to kill everything!

“You did all this on purpose?!” Winter asked, rage bubbling within her.

“Why, of course,” he answered.

“Why?! What’s your reason?!” She growled.

“Reason,” he laughed. “You have so much to learn, but don’t worry, I will teach you,” he laughed again, “You do not need a reason to bring death and destruction.”

“What?!” Winter roared. “You’re going to kill everyone on this planet, for not frickin’ reason?!”

His face seemed to sadden, but quickly turned back to his original wicked smile. “I will open your eyes, and you will see.” He laughed.

Project Chaos (News)

A new story is coming to Marythelittlewriter, Project Chaos!

Three years after the events of Shadow the Hedgehog, another world-wide confilct arises, Project Chaos, a project Eggman had worked on for two years. Project Chaos is deemed as a world wide threat, but are they right, the file they got their information from was old and corrup? That’s only half of what is going on on the lovely planet Mobius.

Coming Soon!

Unsuspected Heroes Chapter 39

“Shadow are you there yet?” Sonic asked.

“Is the power out?!”

“…No….” Sonic answered.

“Then no, we are not there yet,” Shadow yelled.

“Alright a simple, ‘No Sonic,’ would have done it,” Sonic replied.

“Hey, we’re almost to the elevator, where are you guys?” DJ asked.

“We have a little problem, Towers has given us a mission to find a leak,” Rogue informed.

“A leak, like in the pipes or something?” Power asked.

“No, a leak as in a traitor,” Tails explained.

“Do you think he’s on to us?!” Silver gasped.

“That’s a risk we’re going to have to take,” Shadow stated.

Blaze was look around the corner. If the schematics were to be believed, the generators were two levels below level zero. She watched the elevator waiting for an opening. It wasn’t the express elevator the others were going to, but a normal elevator, that went two stories down to the generator room.

“He’s giving us authority to view anything and everything,” Sonic continued.

“Then call you tell me if the elevator to the generator room is empty,” Blaze asked.

“Oh yeah, that would be smart, hehe, wouldn’t it?” Sonic laughed.

“Yes, it would,” Blaze answered.

“Go…now!” Sonic ordered. The three of them ran into the elevator. There was an awkward silence between the three, once inside the elevator.

‘Where’s Sonic’s big mouth when you need it?’ Blaze thought. The three crept into the room. It was dully illuminated by screen lights from monitors.

“Does everything have to be digitalized with you, government organizations?” Silver asked.

“G.U.N always keeps the best tech for themselves,” Shadow answered. “Keeps them ahead of everyone else.”

“I think I found the generator,” Blaze called. Silver ran over, followed by Shadow.

“What is that?” Silver asked, amazed.

“What future-boy, never seen a Chaos Drive?” Shadow smirked.

“A what now?”

“Aren’t they supposed to be small?” Blaze asked.

“Yes, this is the biggest Chaos Drive I’ve ever seen,” Shadow replied.

“So how do we shut this thing down?”

“I…I…I don’t know,” Shadow murmured.

“Stand back,” Silver warned, a greenish blue aroura surrounding him. He closed his eyes, and moved his hands towards the Chaos Drive. Soon must of the Drive was surrounded by the same greenish blue aroura.

Then, suddenly, everything went dark, the power was out. Silver’s hands, and Shadow’s inhibitor rings were the only source of light now.

“How the hell did you do that?!” Shadow asked.

“I have psychokinesis,” Silver shrugged. “It short circuits technology, I donno why, but I guess it’s a good thing.”

“Nice job!” Sonic’s voice congratulated. “We’re on our way to the elevator, meet you there.”

“Let’s move, they’ll be coming down here soon to see what’s wrong,” Shadow said, already headed for the elevator. “Ok, once we get up there we make a run for the express elevator.”

“One problem,” Silver began, nervously. “I don’t have super speed.”

“What?!” Shadow exclaimed. “All hedgehogs have super speed, why didn’t you say this earlier?!”

“Because all hedgehogs have super speed and it’s kinda embarrassing.” The elevator dinged as the doors opened, leading into the dark hallways.

“Whatever, c’mon,” Shadow growled, grabbing Silver’s hand. They hide every time they saw the flash lights of agents. Silver stopped his hands for glowing, and Shadow hide his glowing inhibitor rings the best he could.

They could hear agents shouting, since all communications were also down. Ironically, they felt safer when the lights where on.

When they got to the express elevator, the others were already there, or so they thought, not able to see too well.

Knuckles pried open the elevator doors, reveling an empty elevator shaft. Sonic looked down. “Chaos, that’s a long way down.” It looked like a dark pit to oblivion, and they we going to jump down it.

Unsuspected Hereos Chapter 38

“Team Dark, you have a debriefing in 10 minutes,” a voice announced over the PA system. The three looked at each other, they hadn’t planned for this.

“Please tell me I didn’t hear I thought I just heard,” Blaze groaned.

“What do we do?” Silver asked, with a worried tone.

“You guys continue as planned, Team Dark, you go to the debriefing,” Winter ordered.

“I would much rather be destroying things,” Omega stated.

“In due time,” she replied.

“Am I the only one that finds the fact that we are being called for a debriefing right when we were going to start our plan, scary?” Knuckles asked.

“Nope,” Topaz answered. “I promise we are walking to our deaths.”

“Do you really have to talk like that?” Tails asked, shaking at the thought of dying.

They walked into the huge room where all the debriefing took place, the room looked like a collage class room, with hundreds of chair the row behind higher than the row in front. At the front of the room was a screen on the wall, showing multiple pieces of data. There in the podium at the front of the room stood an agent.

“Where’s Commander Towers?” Rogue asked.

“The Commander couldn’t be here, something important has come up, so I will be debriefing you…is there a problem?” He replied glaring at them all.

“Your attitude,” Sonic said, under his breath.

“We have doubled security at night, but the Overpowereds still manage to hide, why is that?”

“Is this a debriefing, or an interrogation?” Topaz shot.

“Whatever you want it to be,” he answered. He paused for a moment before moving on. “We believe there are only two ways they could be doing this, one we have a leak, or two, citizens of Mobius are hiding them, and I believe it to be the latter. But Towers doesn’t want to take any chances, he wants you to conduct a secret operation to see if there is someone leaking information to these Overpowereds.”

“You want us to spy on our fellow agents?!” Sonic shouted.

“Think of it as observing, if it makes you feel better,” he eyed all of them. “Towers is assigning you because he trusts you.”

“His trust has not been misplaced,” Omega said. “We will find this leak and obliterate it.”

“Oh, one more thing, this is covert, if you get caught, Towers will say he had nothing to do with this and that you’ve gone rouge. He wants this done quietly.”

“Understood,” Knuckles said.

“You will be granted full access to all the security feed.”

“We’ll get the job done, no problem,” Sonic said.

They walked out of the room, and down the halls. “My Chaos, what if the Commander is on to us, and this is all a trap?!” Tails asked.

“Then we won’t fall of it,” Sonic answered.

“For the love of Mobius, how do that make any sense?!” Rogue yelled.

Sonic shrugged. “Not dying makes perfect sense to me.”


Unsuspected Heroes Chapter 37

“You two go with Winter. Silver, Blaze, with me,” Shadow directed.

“Testing, coms,” Silver spoke into the communicator on his wrist. Winter had made communicators for everyone with their own frequency.

“Did you just not sleep?” Power had asked.

“I’m immortal, I don’t need as much sleep as you,” she had answered plainly.

“Copy,” DJ answered.

“Ok, remember to keep your communicators on at all times, if you take them off you’ll be visible to the cameras,” Winter warned.

Once she was sure Shadow and the others where gone she turned to the two boys. “Give these to Sonic and the others, I’m going to scout, I’ll meet you guys at the elevator.” And with that she was gone.

“Oh my Chaos! I’m going to meet Sonic the Hedgehog, THE Sonic the Hedgehog!” Power laughed.

“Fan-boy,” DJ sneered.

“Let’s just go,” he answered.

They ran from hallway to hallway, each looking alike. Finally, after what felt like hours, they arrived.

“Shadows’ working with two kids?” Rouge asked, genuinely surprised.

“Put these on,” The two said, ignoring what Rogue said.


“Yes, Winter made them, we have our own frequency so no one else can overhear us,” DJ explained quickly.

“Gezz, you guys though of everything,” Knuckles complemented.

“Team Dark, you have a debriefing in 10 minutes,” a voice announced over the PA system.