Unsuspected Heroes Chapter 33

“Winter…” the albino hedgehog turned to face the purple cat. “I want to thank you, for all you are doing. I know that you don’t have many friends, and in that, we are alike, I know you have nothing to lose, but still thank you, I know that you and G.U.N don’t have a pretty past.”

“No need, saving the world and having you as a…friend…is thanks enough,” she replied. “And you and I might have more friends than we think.”

“Yes, perhaps,” Blaze smiled. The two heard a commotion in the kitchen.

“What’s wrong?” They asked.

“I donno, he just fell to the ground,” Power said frantically.

“DJ? DJ? DJ, can you hear me?!” Winter asked.

“Silver, Shadow!” Blaze called.

“What’s wrong with him?” Shadow asked.

“I don’t know,” Winter replied.

“You’ve gotta help him, he’s…he’s all I got,” Power whispered.

“DJ?” Winter called again. “I can hear his heart beating,” she informed. “It’s like he’s in a comma.” She looked at Power. “Could this have something to do with his powers?”

“He gets really bad headaches sometimes, but nothing like this,” he answered.

“What if its due to a rip in time or dimensional barriers?” Shadow suggested. Everyone looked at him. “I was created by Professor Gerald, the smartest man ever, I learned a few things,” he shrugged. “Since he can see into the future, that could mean he has a mental connection to the time space continuum, so if the fabrics of time or space are messed with-time travel or dimension crossing, he would feel the stress.”

“Chaos,” Power whispered. “So you’re saying they could be getting the Sol Emeralds at this very second?”

Everyone froze. “Oh my Chaos, he’s right!” Blaze cried.

“No, not yet,” DJ moaned.

“For the love of Mobius,” Power exclaimed, hugging DJ, “don’t ever do that again!”

“We need to get ready, they’re going to cross to Blaze’s dimension in the morning,” he finished.