Unsuspected Heroes Chapter 32

“You know I’m still testing these things, right?” Tails stammered.

“C’mon, you’re always testing everything, you’re too careful, they’ll work,” Sonic said, ruffling his three little hairs. He exhaled, controlling his prototype buddy-bot.

“At the next cross-section turn to the left,” Omega directed. “Walk for four yards than turn right, the elevator should be-”

“Right in front of you,” Knuckles said, pointing at the screen. The buddy-bot walked up the wall and pushed the button call the elevator. “Careful, you don’t want to get caught.”

Ding. The shaft doors opened, and the buddy-bot jumped into the elevator. It was empty. Buddy-bot looked at the number pad. “Shoot!” Rogue exclaimed. “Looks like biometrics scanners.”

“Just wait till someone else gets in,” Knuckles suggested.

“Yeah sure, Knucklehead, someone is going to randomly-” Topaz was interrupted when a man in a lab coat entered the elevator.

“You were saying, Topaz,” Knuckles sang.

“Ok, ok, sorry Knuxs,” Topaz grumbled.

Sonic smiled to himself, messing with the gold ring on his finger. He remembered when Amy and Knuckles used to fight all the time. He missed her a lot, but he knew she’d want him to be happy.

Once the elevator doors opened the sir walked out, the buddy-bot was hidden in the pocket of his lab coat.

“Where are we with The Bridge, Towers is losing it,” he asked everyone else in the room.

“He’s already lost it,” one began. “It will be ready tomorrow; be we’ll have to pull another all-nighter.”

“Surprise, surprise,” another mumbled. “We should get payed more.”

“We’re getting payed?!” Yet another asked sarcastically. “Where’d you hear that lie, we aren’t getting payed a penny!”

“Why is he even doing this? When was the last time an Overpowered attacked?” A female engineer asked.

“Never!” Her friend replied, caring a small metal tank. “Little help.” She grabbed the other side. “Thanks. Also, Shadow worked for them, not once did he ever do anything to indicate he would betray them, and now they’re hunting him, like that monster, Project Chaos.”

“It’s funny how he could never find it, and when he did, it always got away, and now he thinks he can wipe out an entire group of people!” She laughed.

“Does he even know how hard it was to find the Seven Chaos Emeralds, without altering anyone, especially Team Dark, who are specialized in finding these things!”  The first scientist said.

“Not at mention a way to contain the used energy so no one will find out,” the female engineer replied.

“All of this is ludicrous!” The scientist that had just existed the elevator exclaimed.

“Dang straight, Marco!” The male engineer agreed.

“What about you Polo, still waiting for that pay check?”

“Look John… why do you have to nickname me Polo?” He asked.

“Because we call your brother here, Marco, c’mon, what else should we call you-plus, you call me Edward.”

“Ehhh, good point, Polo’s fine…better than Edward,” he snickered.

“Yo, Peach, got work to do!” The male engineer called.

“C’mon Ant, take a brake we have all night to finish,” Marco said.

“No, nonononononononononononononono! NNNNNNOOO!” Mario exclaimed.

“What’s up, Peach isn’t being kidnapped, chill, Mario,” Edward joked.

“No! NO! The weapon is leaking!” He exclaimed. “High amounts of Chaos Energy are being released!”

“For the love of Mobius, Ant, let’s go!” Peach called running towards machines at the far end of the huge room.

“We gotta tell Shadow,” Sonic said.

“Whatever you’re going to do, you gotta fast, by tomorrow morning they’ll be ready,” Rogue said to Shadow through a communicator.

“Understood, you guys ready for this, I can’t promise things won’t go wrong,” Shadow warned.

“When can anyone ever make that promise?” Rouge answered.