Unsuspected Heroes Chapter 30

“How in the name of Chaos did she get them so fast,” Knuckles asked.

“Who cares, we got what we need, let’s get to work,” Rouge said.

“Pulling up schematics now,” Omega stated.

A hologram opened. Tails zoomed out and scanned everything for a while, zooming in every once and a while, checking little things. “Does she have anything?” Tails asked.

“She hasn’t said anything,” Rogue answered.

“I don’t see anything out of the ordinary…” Tails stated.


“She typing!” Topaz said.

“Is that an express elevator, in sector twelve?”

“See, told you you didn’t need my help,” he typed back.

“I asked if it was an express elevator? I do need your help; why would an express elevator be in a three storied building?”

“Cause they wanna go fast!” Sonic typed.

“You idiot, an express elevator is expensive, might have while had bought a sports car!” The words appeared quickly on the screen.

“The schematics show…sub-levels…” Tails replied.

“Where?” She stopped typing. They assumed she was checking the schematics. “It does…”

“Why would you build a weapon underground?” Tails asked. “It would keep it hidden, but it’s be buried under the earth…”

“…Good point….” A very long pause.

“Forget that, how would we get to the sub-levels?” Knuckles asked. “Towers was keeping this secret from us, what are we gonna say, ‘we found out about this when we worked with Project Chaos, who hacked into your server, oh, and also, that weapon you’re building-which we also shouldn’t know about-is going to destroy all of Mobius, and how do we know that, a hedgehog from the future told Shadow, who then told us?!!!’”

“Whoa, that a mouth full Knuxs,” Sonic mocked. “Careful, you might hurt your head from thinkin’ so much.”

“I’ll show you head pain!” He yelled grabbing him, ready to punch his face.

“STOP IT!” Everyone in the room turned their heads towards the door. “I did not hire you to kill each other.”

“Commander!” Rogue exclaimed. “What are you doing here?” She kicked the hologram cube under the desk.

“I wanted an update on Shadow and Project Chaos, I also brought the security feeds, I want you to run through them in hopes of finding something that could help find them.” He looked over Rogue’s shoulder at Tails and the computer screen. “Who are you talking too?”

“Who me, I um…I talking to…a hedgehog…named Winter and she’s help us track Shadow and Project Chaos,” Tails stammered.   

“Winter? Never heard the name, does she work for G.U.N?” He asked.

“No, she’s an old friend, met during the war, she’s pretty dang smart, so we thought she might be able to help,” Sonic explained.

“What is she, a scientist, an analyst?”

“Oh, she’s kinda an everything, she good at a lot of things,” Tails answered.

“We’ll get right to work on these feeds,” Topaz said, grabbing the tapes.

“Alright then, I’ll leave you too it,” he said, leaving the room.

“TAILS!!” Everyone yelled.

“What, I didn’t lie, I just left a few things out, selective truths,” he answered.


“Sorry, the Commander was here-”

“Did he see the schematics?”

“No, we got it covered, no need to worry.” “I hope,” he didn’t type that last part. “He gave us security tapes of when Shadow was here.”

“That’s a good thing, you can edit the part where you were all talking and get right to the fight.”

“Wouldn’t they get suspicious?”

“No, you can say you think we disabled the cameras in you room.” A long pause. “Gotta go!”


“They’re hacking back, I have to exist the system!”