Unsuspected Heroes Chapter 29

It was awkward between the two for the rest of the morning. They didn’t avoid each other, but they kind of did avoid each other.

“So we don’t have a way to communicate with the others?” Blaze asked.

“For the love of Chaos, how could we forget that?” Silver exclaimed.

“Did I just hear what I thought I heard?” Winter asked DJ.


“Well that’s…perfect,” she mumbled.

“We might of forgotten, but faker didn’t,” Shadow said, dropping a communication on the table. “G.P.S locator free.”

“Sonic, thought ahead?!” Blaze asked in disbelieve.

“Well, he does have his moments,” Winter said.

Silver just looked at the communicator like it was a thousand gold rings. “Oh thank Chaos,” he whispered.

“Though that don’t really help if they don’t find the weapon in time,” Shadow said.

“C’mon, have a little faith,” Power stated.

“Faith don’t keep us alive,” he said under his breath.

“Is everyone in this room a ‘glass half empty,’ type?” He whispered to DJ, who just shrugged.

“Shadow does have a point,” Winter said, sitting down in front of the computer typing very quickly.

“What are you doing?” Silver asked.

“Something illegal,” she answered. She showed them what she was doing.

“No way, you hacked into G.U.N.?!” Power asked.

“Yes, I did have a little help,” she said.

“Hey guys,” letters on the computer screen read. “It’s Tails, you shouldn’t hack G.U.N., they could locate you.”

“I didn’t hack the whole network, just you guys,” Winter typed back.

“Coolest way to instant message ever!” Power said.

“Hey guys, what do you need, or are you just lonely?”

“Sonic,” Blaze, Shadow, and Winter groaned.

“This is you friendly neighborhood blue hedgehog.”

“Never would’ve guessed,” Winter both typed and said.

“Ya know I gave faker a communicator right?”

“Yup, but I can’t get the schematics of the H.Q with that.”

“C’mon, you don’t trust us to find the weapon…?”

“It’s not about trust, we only have two days left….”

“I’m the fastest thing alive!”

“What does that have to do with anything?!” Blaze exclaimed.

“He just likes saying it,” Shadow grumbled.

“Um…are you guys still there…?!”

“Sadly…” she paused. “Sonic, get off the computer so someone can tell us what’s going on.”

“Fine. 😦

“Idiot,” Shadow hissed.

“We’ve got nothing,” someone typed.

“Send me the schematics, anything that looks out of the ordinary could be where they’re hiding the weapon.”  

“…That might take a while…” they typed back.

“So much for keeping crimes at a minimum,” Winter shrugged. She typed rapidly, computer coding rushed down the screen.

“Winter…what are you doing?”

“Scanning the schematics,” she typed.

“You already got them?!”

“Yes, I’m sending them to you, maybe you’ll see something I could miss.”

“I doubt that…”

“Just because I was given the title ‘Ultimate Living Weapon,’ doesn’t mean I’m the best at everything.”

“…Alright then, we’ll take a look,”