Unsuspected Heroes Chapter 26, 27

“So how do you plan on finding this weapon inside G.U.N Headquarters?” Power asked.

“We’ve got some people on the inside,” Silver answered.

“Really?! Cool, so what is this a conspiracy?” Power was excited.

“I guess you could call it that,” Silver shrugged.

“How do they communicate with you?” DJ asked.

Silver froze. “Oh Chaos!” He mumbled. “Oh for the love of Mobius!” He exclaimed.

“You don’t have a way to communicate do you?” Power asked, voice flat. Silver shook his head slowly.

[Chapter 27]

“How are we going to let Shadow and his people know when we find this weapon?” Tails asked. Everyone is the room froze and turned slowly facing him, bug eyed.

“For the love of Chaos!” Knuckles exclaimed.

“Well that’s just great,” Rogue began. “Sure, we can find the weapon, but we can’t contact the one guy who knows about it.”

“Haha, perfect! Just perfect!” Topaz nearly yelled.

“Do you want to raise suspicion?” Omega asked. “I would gladly destroy anything that got in our way…” a long pause. “But that would become irrelevant since the world would end.”

“Since when are you the voice of wisdom, oversized refrigerator?” Knuckles asked.

“Cool it guys, we got nothing to worry about, or did you forget that you are in the presents of the best hero in the history of heroes.”

“Really, where?!” Topaz asked, with fake excitement.

“Right here!” Sonic stated, striking a pose.

“Quick get out the cameras,” Topaz mocked. Everyone laughed.

“Ha…ha…very funny Topaz, if you would let me finish,” he said in a sort of scolding tone. “When Shadow and I were ‘fighting,’ we had a little guy time-”

“Yeah right Sonic,” Knuckles said, leaning back in his chair.

“Yeah, guy time? You, Shadow?” Tails laughed.

“Ehh, good point, but please, that’s not what’s important, see lots can happen while running at the speed of sound, pretending, to be chasing a faker,” he paused, looking at all of them. “I mean, I should get an award for this, ‘Greatest Information-getter of all time,’ I mean, really-”

Sonic! Stay on topic,” Rogue interrupted. “What did you do?”

“Oh, I got,” he leaned closer, “His phone number!” He smiled smugly.

“What?” The all asked, drawing blanks.

“Of for the love-I gave him a communicator, one without a G.P.S locator-before you start yelling at me,” Sonic finished.

“Could you not have just said this to begin with and save time?” Omega questioned. “Your method of sharing information is inefficient and time consuming.”

“Did he just insult me?” Sonic asked. “I thought that was beyond his programing.”

“Not when he’s telling the truth,” Rouge whispered, smiling cruelly.

“And he does have a soul, he can do and say whatever he wants,” Tails added.

“I am not inefficient or time consuming, I’m the fastest thing alive for Chaos’ sake!” Sonic pouted.

“Why is he here again?” Topaz whispered to Rogue.

“He is the fastest thing alive, and got at what he does,” she answered.

“Oh right,” Topaz said, banging her head against the table.