Unsuspected Heroes Chapter 24

It was dark, she needed a place to hide. She sighed, she knew there was only one place around here that would be safe. She knocked on the back door of a house with a sign covered into the wooden door frame. A not so little rabbit opened the door. “Winter?!” Her sweet voice surprised.

“Hello Cream, sorry to come so late, but I need a place to hide,” Winter greeted. The teenaged rabbit nodded, letting her in.

“Mother, we have a visitor!” She called.

“Winter…what a…lovely surprise,” Vanilla said slowly. She just nodded.

Cream led her to the basement. She was quite. She felt uneasy, being in the house of people who hated her. She didn’t blame them, they had every right to. Suddenly, Cream jumped on her, hugging her tightly. “My Chaos Winter, I was so worried about you!”

“Wh-?!” She couldn’t understand.

“Why didn’t you come back, I thought you were captured!” Winter just stood there, completely frozen. Cream looked at her. “W-Winter, are you ok?”


“Why are you crying?” The little rabbit asked.

She touched her own face. She gasped when her hands were wet, she was…crying? She never cried before. Cream hugged her tighter.

“It’s ok, Winter, I miss her to,” she whispered. Winter hugged her back. Cream pulled away. “Cheese missed you.”

“I missed you guys,” she smiled. The teenaged rabbit smiled. “And look how big you’ve gotten! Wow how the time has passed.”

“Hehe, mother says I not her little Creamy anymore,” she laughed.

“She’s right, you’re gonna pass me!” Winter laughed.

“You kinda remind me of her,” Cream began.

“Yeah…Amy tends to rub off on ya,” Winter smiled.

“She was a great friend, and Cheese really misses Frosty,” Cream smiled sadly.

“I miss Frosty too,” Winter said.

“Will you be gone in the morning?”


“Then I’ll be right back.” Cream ran up the stairs and came back down with a tea set. “We never did have that tea party.”

“I-I’m not really good a tea parties, or any party for that matter,” Winter said, putting her hand at the back of her head, nervously.

“Oh c’mon, you already look the part, it’s ok to fail, it’ll be fun,” Cream encouraged.

Winter sat down legs crossed. “Ok, Ms. Cream, how does this work?” Cream smiled.