Unsuspected Heroes Chapter 26, 27

“So how do you plan on finding this weapon inside G.U.N Headquarters?” Power asked.

“We’ve got some people on the inside,” Silver answered.

“Really?! Cool, so what is this a conspiracy?” Power was excited.

“I guess you could call it that,” Silver shrugged.

“How do they communicate with you?” DJ asked.

Silver froze. “Oh Chaos!” He mumbled. “Oh for the love of Mobius!” He exclaimed.

“You don’t have a way to communicate do you?” Power asked, voice flat. Silver shook his head slowly.

[Chapter 27]

“How are we going to let Shadow and his people know when we find this weapon?” Tails asked. Everyone is the room froze and turned slowly facing him, bug eyed.

“For the love of Chaos!” Knuckles exclaimed.

“Well that’s just great,” Rogue began. “Sure, we can find the weapon, but we can’t contact the one guy who knows about it.”

“Haha, perfect! Just perfect!” Topaz nearly yelled.

“Do you want to raise suspicion?” Omega asked. “I would gladly destroy anything that got in our way…” a long pause. “But that would become irrelevant since the world would end.”

“Since when are you the voice of wisdom, oversized refrigerator?” Knuckles asked.

“Cool it guys, we got nothing to worry about, or did you forget that you are in the presents of the best hero in the history of heroes.”

“Really, where?!” Topaz asked, with fake excitement.

“Right here!” Sonic stated, striking a pose.

“Quick get out the cameras,” Topaz mocked. Everyone laughed.

“Ha…ha…very funny Topaz, if you would let me finish,” he said in a sort of scolding tone. “When Shadow and I were ‘fighting,’ we had a little guy time-”

“Yeah right Sonic,” Knuckles said, leaning back in his chair.

“Yeah, guy time? You, Shadow?” Tails laughed.

“Ehh, good point, but please, that’s not what’s important, see lots can happen while running at the speed of sound, pretending, to be chasing a faker,” he paused, looking at all of them. “I mean, I should get an award for this, ‘Greatest Information-getter of all time,’ I mean, really-”

Sonic! Stay on topic,” Rogue interrupted. “What did you do?”

“Oh, I got,” he leaned closer, “His phone number!” He smiled smugly.

“What?” The all asked, drawing blanks.

“Of for the love-I gave him a communicator, one without a G.P.S locator-before you start yelling at me,” Sonic finished.

“Could you not have just said this to begin with and save time?” Omega questioned. “Your method of sharing information is inefficient and time consuming.”

“Did he just insult me?” Sonic asked. “I thought that was beyond his programing.”

“Not when he’s telling the truth,” Rouge whispered, smiling cruelly.

“And he does have a soul, he can do and say whatever he wants,” Tails added.

“I am not inefficient or time consuming, I’m the fastest thing alive for Chaos’ sake!” Sonic pouted.

“Why is he here again?” Topaz whispered to Rogue.

“He is the fastest thing alive, and got at what he does,” she answered.

“Oh right,” Topaz said, banging her head against the table.


Unsuspected Hereos Chapter 25

She got up. She smiled as she petted Cream’s head. They had fallen asleep during their little teal party. She placed her head on a soft bed of snow. She began to climb the stairs, she looked back. “Goodbye Cream,” she whispered.

Once on the street she pulled her purple coat tighter around her neck. A gust of cool, crisp wind blew her front bangs and braided quills backwards. She ran back to the apartment, at normal speed. “Gah! This is so slow!” She hissed.

“Hey, what’s the rush?” A man called.

“I’m on my way home, I was caught at work last night,” she lied.

“Oh, never mind then,” he said. She knew what this guy was doing, and no way was she going to get anywhere near him. She ran faster.

“Hey, my boss was talkin’ to ya,” a tall buff echidna said, blocking her path.

“And like I said, I need to get home,” she repeated. She tried to walk by him, but he didn’t let her. “Out. Of. My. Way.” She growled.

“Pretty with an attitude, I like it,” the boss-man said, touching her quill at the back of her head. She grabbed him and twisted his arm behind him.

“Touch me again, and you’ll lose it,” she threated. The echidna grabbed her, holding her up by the waist. “Hehe, what did I just say?!” She said fiercely. The echidna let go of her with a yelp, hands freezing. She broke out running fast, at Mach 2, ignoring the pain in her hips. She heard the two yell something but didn’t know what, probably cursing her or something. She stopped a good few miles away. She was now in the heart of the city.

She finally reached the apartment building, walked inside the lobby. “Good morning miss,” the lady at the front deck greeted.

“Mornin’” she returned the greeting before entering the elevator. She saw a red-orange hedgehog in the hallway. “Power,” she hissed. “What are you doing outside?”

“What took you so long?” He smiled. He opened the door for her and the two walked in.

“Nothing,” she replied.

“Oh, hey, your back,” Silver turned from the computer screen, spinning his chair around, “Where were you, I lost you last night.”

“I was hiding, you weren’t supposed to see me,” she answered. Before entering her room.

She felt an inner tug. She knew it was her Chaos Energy and Shadow’s reacting to each other. She was in her bedroom, doing nothing.

“When did you get back?”

She turned quickly, slightly startled. “Shadow,” she gasped. “Not too long ago.”

“What happened?” He asked.

“What?” She didn’t want to tell him. “What are you talking about?”

“I could feel you in danger,” he looked up at her, “Or did you forget we’re connected.”

“Nothing happened, nothing I couldn’t handle,” she answered. He walked towards her, now only a few feet separated them. He just looked at her. Her heart began to race. She couldn’t ignore the pain in her hips any longer. She groaned.

“What is it?” He asked. She shook her head. He put his hands under her arms. He hands weren’t steady, but he didn’t remove them. “What’s wrong?” He asked again. She moved his hands slowly towards her hips.

“Stupid echidna on steroids,” she winced. He didn’t understand. “A gangster, Shadow, a gangster.”

She could see he was angry. She put her hands on his shoulder, shaking her head.

He pushed her genteelly on to the bed. “What-what are you doing?” She asked, face burning.

“Let me see,” he answered softly. She exhaled, loosening up a little. He unclipped the second black diamond on her coat. He then lifted her black shirt, stopping right under her breast. “Doesn’t look to bad.” He ran his hand down her hips.

“I told you it was nothing,” she protested.

“With you, nothing is always something,” he answered, wrapping a bandage a couple of times around her waist. He looked at her. She was good looking, and that’s what gangsters like, but he was still angry that some gangster tried to take her from him, he wouldn’t let that happen, she was his.

He suddenly felt arms wrapped around his neck. He placed his hands, slowly, behind her head. He felt good inside. He never wanted this to end. All the pain, and saddens, and just-everything-was gone, it was just him and her. “Winter,” he whispered. “Promise me…that you’ll never leave me.” She looked at him, braking the hug.


“Please,” he hugged her again. “I can’t lose you too.”

“I promise Shadow,” she promised.

He sighed. He got up from the bed. “Should check on the others.” He said awkwardly.

“Yeah,” she said, pulling her shirt back down and re-clipping the latch on her coat. He walked out into the living room.

Unsuspected Heroes Chapter 24

It was dark, she needed a place to hide. She sighed, she knew there was only one place around here that would be safe. She knocked on the back door of a house with a sign covered into the wooden door frame. A not so little rabbit opened the door. “Winter?!” Her sweet voice surprised.

“Hello Cream, sorry to come so late, but I need a place to hide,” Winter greeted. The teenaged rabbit nodded, letting her in.

“Mother, we have a visitor!” She called.

“Winter…what a…lovely surprise,” Vanilla said slowly. She just nodded.

Cream led her to the basement. She was quite. She felt uneasy, being in the house of people who hated her. She didn’t blame them, they had every right to. Suddenly, Cream jumped on her, hugging her tightly. “My Chaos Winter, I was so worried about you!”

“Wh-?!” She couldn’t understand.

“Why didn’t you come back, I thought you were captured!” Winter just stood there, completely frozen. Cream looked at her. “W-Winter, are you ok?”


“Why are you crying?” The little rabbit asked.

She touched her own face. She gasped when her hands were wet, she was…crying? She never cried before. Cream hugged her tighter.

“It’s ok, Winter, I miss her to,” she whispered. Winter hugged her back. Cream pulled away. “Cheese missed you.”

“I missed you guys,” she smiled. The teenaged rabbit smiled. “And look how big you’ve gotten! Wow how the time has passed.”

“Hehe, mother says I not her little Creamy anymore,” she laughed.

“She’s right, you’re gonna pass me!” Winter laughed.

“You kinda remind me of her,” Cream began.

“Yeah…Amy tends to rub off on ya,” Winter smiled.

“She was a great friend, and Cheese really misses Frosty,” Cream smiled sadly.

“I miss Frosty too,” Winter said.

“Will you be gone in the morning?”


“Then I’ll be right back.” Cream ran up the stairs and came back down with a tea set. “We never did have that tea party.”

“I-I’m not really good a tea parties, or any party for that matter,” Winter said, putting her hand at the back of her head, nervously.

“Oh c’mon, you already look the part, it’s ok to fail, it’ll be fun,” Cream encouraged.

Winter sat down legs crossed. “Ok, Ms. Cream, how does this work?” Cream smiled.

Unsuspected Heroes Chapter 23

“Team Dark, report to The Commander’s office, now,” a voice boomed over the P.A. They all looked at each other.

“I have been keeping you in the dark about something for much too long,” Towers began. “I lied to you. I knew what Shadow and Project Chaos were going to do….”

“Why didn’t you just tell us?” Rouge asked.

“Because, I knew you were all friends with Shadow.”

“Key word were,” Knuckles said.

“He and Project Chaos were going to change reality.”

“What?!” They all exclaimed.

“Yes, they were going to change certain events in history,” he continued.

“Which?” Topaz asked.

“Isn’t it obvious, he was going to save her,” he paused.

“And Project Chaos?” Tails pushed.

“We never knew that for sure, not knowing anything about her, but if anything, my guess would be the experimentation,” he finished.

“But why?”

“Because those two only care about themselves, and are willing to do anything to make their lives better, even if that meant destroying others’,” he finished. He turned to face them. “Did Shadow tell you anything useful?”

“No,” Sonic answered quickly. “He just tried to get us on his side.”

“Are you?” He asked.

“We’re on the side of good,” he answered plainly. The Commander nodded.