Unsuspected Heroes Chapter 18

He was awoken by his friend’s groaning. He was afraid, he has shown his power to the kid last night, for a second he though G.U.N had found them. He rose quickly. The multi-green hedgehog was tossing and turning make unpleasant noises.

“DJ? DJ? DJ?! Wake up!” Power shook him, genteelly at first, but with every call he shook him more violently.

“Power!” His voice was filled with fear, he grabbed Power’s arm, not letting go. “G.U.N…stop….”

“DJ, what’s going on, what are you seeing?!” Power was nervous. DJ gasped, back in the real world.

“We have to go, we have to get to G.U.N Headquarters,” his breath was shaky and shallow.

“What’s going on? Have you gone crazy?! We’re going to walk into our enemies’ home, take us!” He nearly scolded.

“They need our help!”