Unsuspected Heroes Chapter 17

He was in his office. “Sir, Project Victory is nearly ready, still waiting on the Bridge.”

“Work faster, I want it ready to go by tomorrow!” He ordered.

“We’ll try.”

“I know you won’t disappoint me…that is if you want to keep your job.”

“Yes, sir.”  

This will work, I will win. He thought to himself. You will not escape me a second time.


Unsuspected Heroes Chapter 16

They were digging into what Towers had told them. Sonic rushed back in. “Got the file you wanted, ladies.”

“Sonic, this is the wrong file,” Rogue sighed.

“Really? Ok, be back in a flash,” he said before snatching the file and running back out the room.

“He’ll never get it!” Topaz groaned the moment he was gone. “Even Knucklehead would have a better chance.”

“Thanks, Topaz.”

“That isn’t exactly a complement…” Tails began to explain but left it alone. “Project Chaos was an experiment run by Doctor Eggman to create the Ultimate Living Weapon, he would increase the subject’s strength, speed, agility, and even give him or her the power to control chaos energy.”

“Tails, we already know all this, we need new information, clues that could tell us who she is,” Topaz answered.

“Why settle for clues, when you can have her name; Winter the Hedgehog,” Tails said proudly.

“Haha, funny name,” Sonic laughed.

“Where’s the file?” Rogue asked. He handed her a vanilla folder.

Written on the cover was; “Top Secret, Level 8.”

“What are you hoping is in the file, Rogue?” Knuckles asked.

“Answers, Knux,” she then began to read something aloud. “After further observation we have found the subject far too dangerous, Project Chaos seems to be a success, and we have no option other than to terminate the subject and all evidence of it….” Everyone was quite. “We were sent on that mission.”

“What mission?”

“To capture Project Chaos, she and Shadow fought and we lost ‘em for a while, and she escaped,” Rouge recollected.

“Did you know she was going to be killed?” Sonic asked.

“No, Towers told us she was going to be recruited, he never mentioned anything about killing…” she stopped.

“Rouge, you didn’t know,” Knuckles stated.

“If he lied, not only to you, but to the whole world about Project Chaos, then how can we be sure he hasn’t lied about everything else?!” Topaz was enraged.

“Look guys, I know you’re angry, I am too, but we need to act normal,” Rogue looked at everyone in the room. “We’ll do Shadow and Winter more good if we do.”

“Likelihood of this working is 44%,” Omega warned.

“We do the impossible!” Sonic encouraged. “C’mon guys, we got this! We saved the world more times than any of us can count, what’s one more time?”

“Sonic, we’re not saving the world!” The all said.

His ears lowered, and his body drooped over, and his face was dull, “Really guys, you know what I meant!”