Unsuspected Heroes Chapter 13

“Shadow the Hedgehog, he was that gangster from the night before!” DJ said triumphantly.

“Holy-so let me get this straight, he’s a hero, who’s going to do something-we don’t know what-with this Project Chaos person-who was don’t know anything about either-and that’s it…wow, not as dramatic as I hoped but, eh.”

“We have to find them,” DJ said.

“How?” Power asked. “You don’t know where they are, and they’re probably hiding somewhere no one will ever find them.”

“We have to,” DJ insisted. Power looked up, the sun was beginning to set.

“We can’t go now, it’s getting late, we don’t want to test our luck,” he said, with some authority.

DJ noticed this and bluntly added, “You’re only older by two months you know.”

“Older none the less,” he answered. Power knocked on the back door of a house. A sign was carved in the wooden door frame. A little skunk opened the door, his mother standing behind him.

“Come in, hurry,” she offered. She led them through the house, it was warm and smelled good-surprisingly. She led them down into her cellar. “Dinner is in an hour, I’ll knock on the door seven times if it’s safe, three if it’s not,” she explained. The two hedgehogs nodded.

What felt like hours had pasted before the heard knocking on the cellar door. One…two…three, four, five, six…seven. The two walked up the stairs. She led them into the kitchen, the two sat down and ate the food given to them.

“Are you really dangerous?” The little child asked, looking at them with an innocent face.

“We could be, but we choose not to,” Power chose his words carefully.

“Then why does G.U.N what all of you?” He asked, not understanding.

“I donno, I guess they’re just scared,” he answered.

“I’m not afraid,” he smiled. “You can both stay, I always wanted brothers!”

“I…don’t think that possible,” DJ said genteelly. The child didn’t understand why, but his mother’s glare from across the table told to him to stop asking.

Soon dinner was over, they went back down into the cellar. The less time they spent up there, the better.

“Are you awake?” A voice asked.

“I am now,” he rubbed his eyes. “What are you doing here, you’re gonna get into trouble!”

The little skunk sat down in front of him, setting the candle between them. “What power do you have?” He asked, eyes glowing with excitement.

“I don’t know if-” the little kid made the cutest face. Even Chaos himself would give in. “I control fire,” he said bluntly. The child eyed the candle, it was obvious what he wanted him to do. “No,” he said. “No, nope, no way on Mobius, sorry kid, nope!”

“Pleeeeease!” He begged. “Just a little, I won’t tell anyone, cross my heart and hope to die!” Power crossed his arms shaking his head no. He stood his ground. “Please, please, please!”

“No, no, no, no!” He refused. “I’ll get caught, you’ll get caught, your parents will get caught, DJ’ll get caught!”

“Is he your brother? Is that what brothers do…look out for each other?”

Power thought about it for a moment, “No…he isn’t my brother, but yeah, brothers look out for each other.”

“You are brothers,” the little skunk began, “Maybe not blood brothers, but you look out for him, I can tell. Now…. Control. The. Fire! Pleeease!!”