Unsuspected Heroes Chapter 12

He stood alone in the bedroom that had been given to him. His shoulders trembling, an old wound had been opened, not like anyone would notice, or so he thought. There was a soft knock on the door. He didn’t answer. She walked in. He avoided even looking at her. “Shadow…” she whispered so softly it almost sounded like the wind. The air was still as if holding its very own breath, waiting, waiting for his response. He turned away from the wall and looked at her. Her fur was white again, probably because she finally got to get all the dust and dirt out.

“You look nice,” he said under his breath.

“…Thanks,” she replied, hiding her shock. “Are you alright?”

“Fine. You?”

“I’ve been better,” she chuckled.

“Do you ever feel lost? I mean, like everything you thought was real…wasn’t?” He asked, awkwardly, like he never opened up to someone before.

“All the time, but I’ve found good.”

“How do you do it? How do you keep yourself going?”

“I donno, I made a friend,” she smiled looking at him. It took him a while to realize she was referring to him.

“I don’t know how you could consider me something good,” he replied.

“Come Shadow, cut yourself some slack, sure you can be a jerk at times, but your always there when you’re needed, that pretty good if you ask me, which you are,” she argued. He suddenly felt something he hadn’t felt in a long time, he felt…happy.

“Careful, we’re starting to sound like faker and his two tailed friend,” the two laughed slightly at the thought, neither of them even dared to imagine having a relationship like that with someone.

“Well, we got work to do. A hero’s work is never done, a Shadow?”

“Sadly, no,” he replied as they walked out of the room.

“Ok, so what do we need to know?” Winter asked Silver, getting serious again.

“Not much, according to my calculations we have 168 hours to stop it.”

“That may sound like a lot, but that’s one week, so we better work fast,” Winter began. “And according to what Blaze told me, the Sol Emeralds are going to be stolen from her dimension sometime between today and this Friday, and to save her world they can never leave.”

“Why?” Silver asked.

“Because, it’s bad enough that you’ve time traveled, if you were to also travel through dimensions it might rip the time space continuum-”

“Causing a black hole,” Blaze finished. Winter nodded.

“But that would stop them, you said they use both the Chaos and Sol Emeralds to power the weapon, so if we stop them for getting the Sol Emeralds-”

“-They can’t activate it-!” They all finished together.

“That was easier that I thought it would be,” Silver whispered under his breath.