Unsuspected Heroes Chapter 9

[Chapter 9]

She snuck out of the terminal to see if what the voice was saying was true. It was, lines of people were waiting to be tested and scanned. Her heart nearly stopped, imagining what could’ve happened if they hadn’t been warned. She ran back inside, but soon slowed, her eyes had to readjust to the darkness. She nodded at Shadow, telling him it was true, they were stuck here.

She remembered that Shadow’s friends, though he never admitted he considered them anything more than partners, where probably the ones running this operation. They never really talked about how things were before winning the war. “Shadow…” she began hesitantly. “…Why are they hunting you, didn’t you work for them?”

“I don’t want to talk about it,” he mumbled.


“I said I don’t want to talk about it!” He yelled, moving his hands and walking away.

Her ears twitched, she heard something. She walked slowly towards where she thought the sound was coming from. She moved quietly, by instinct, which had now taken over. She stopped. The sound was gone. She looked around. If it was danger, wouldn’t the voice have warned them? She listened hard. She could hear a higher pitched noise, not high enough to hurt her, but high enough that only she could hear it.  She looked down the tunnel, light! She buried the fear and panic that had just rushed through her body.  She ran towards Shadow. He stretched out his arm, looking down the only other exist they had. Something flew at them hitting Shadow right in the stomach.

“Hiya faker, how’s it going?”

“Wow, looks like Sonic was right,” the she-bat turned to face her, “So you’re Project Chaos, well, you’re hard to find, I’ll give you that.”

“You are outnumbered, surrender now,” a patroller ordered. The two didn’t surrender. They weren’t going down without a fight.

“Pay up Knuckles, told you they weren’t going to come in peacefully,” Sonic gloated.

“Really, now?!”

‘Sonic really still acts like a child.’ She thought to herself.

“I’m disappointed in you, Sonic.”

“Says the guy who betrayed us,” Sonic shot.

“G.U.N is acting worse than Eggman ever could! Also, I didn’t betray G.U.N., they betrayed me!”

“What are you talking about?!” They all asked.

“You really believed what Towers told you?” Shadow mocked.

“Yeah, why wouldn’t we?” Knuckles replied.

“Because he’s lying, the mission where I went rogue, it was a trap, they were going to treat me like another other Overpowered. So yeah, I fought, yeah, I ran,” he growled. But as she watched him closely she could see his shoulders trembling.

Suddenly, a fiery burst consumed the robots. “This way!” A purple cat called, gesturing toward the service tunnel. The two ran. Winter put up a wall of ice to slow down the others. They ignored the sun’s bright light and kept running.

Once they felt they had lost them they slowed. “Blaze, what are you doing here?” Shadow asked.

“This isn’t the place to explain. Come on, we’re almost there.”

Winter looked at Shadow, wanting answers. But all she got was a shrug. She followed reluctantly, not even knowing who Blaze was. She wanted to say something to him about what he had said back there, but didn’t know what. She never worked with anyone, always being along, hiding from everyone.

Soon they reached an apartment building. The two of them stopped. An apartment? That was a death trap, people and cameras!

Blaze looked back, “Come on, it’s safe, promise.” The two walked behind her, followed her into the elevator, and into apartment room 13B. When the enter the room a silver hedgehog was waiting. His front quill stuck up, and he had two long quill at the back of his head.

“Glad you made it in one piece,” he stated. Shadow recognized his voice immediately. It had been the voice that lead him to Winter the night before.

The apartment was nothing like an ordinary apartment, instead of the usual sofa, T.V, there was a surveillance system watching the entire city. “I guess I own you an explanation…” he paused, thinking of how to put this. “I’m from the future.”

“What?! The future?” Winter began. “You expect us to believe that?”

“Yes, G.U.N is going to do something that is going to change everything, and the only way to fix it…is to stop it from ever happening.”

“See, in the near future, G.U.N builds a weapon of mass destruction, it was supposed to kill only Overpowereds, but it turns this entire city into a wasteland,” Blaze finished.

“Wait, both of you are from the future?” Shadow asked, looking at Blaze.

“Yes, they use the Sol and Chaos Emeralds to power it, and my world is destroyed, as well as yours.”

“So, what’s your plan to stop this thing?” Winter asked.

“We-I-I mean…we don’t have one,” the silver hedgehog replied nervously. Shadow face palmed, Winter just stood there, looking at him in disbelief.