Unsuspected Heroes Chapter 8

[Chapter 8]

They couldn’t believe it, a line of gangsters waiting to be scanned and tested. Why? It couldn’t be a coincidence that last night a gangster-that is an Overpowered- saved them, and now all the gangsters in the city very being scanned or tested.

It angered him to think the organization that used to fight Doctor Eggman, was now doing exactly what he had done. It was just a swap.

Both were nervous, worried that they would be tested at random, like in the stories they had heard from other Overpowers and walking people. When they turned the corner into the older parts of the city they let out a long, relieved sigh. Adding that moment to the every-growing list of scary moments.

“DJ, any idea on what’s going on here?”

“No, not much only that they are looking for him specifically.”

“Ok. So what Overpowereds do G.U.N specifically wants, ya know top priority.”

“Most of them have already be caught.” DJ thought for a while before continuing. “The one they keep calling the traitor, what is his real name?”