Unsuspected Heroes Chapter 5, 6, 7

She woke up. Her heart skipped a beat, her head was rested on Shadow who was still sleeping. She slowly got up and looked around. It wasn’t as dark as it was at night, she could now see a good few feet in front of her. She looked back at Shadow and smiled. He looked like he was at peace.

She didn’t want to wonder too far, knowing Shadow would worry if she wasn’t around when he woke up. She wondered for about five minutes, looking for something useful, before walking back to the center of the platform of the east terminal. She then remembered the voice. Who was it? What did it have to explain? Why to them? She had many question that she really didn’t want answered. Everything fell to an eerie silence. Her ears, which were slightly bigger than most hedgehog ears, flicked as cool air rushed through the terminal. Soon Shadow stood beside her.

“Morning sleepy head.”

Shadow grumbled sleepily.

“Well, now that you’re both awake, I need your help.”

“Sure, we’ll help a guy we can’t even see.”

“….” It reminded quite for many moments. “G.U.N. is going to do something that will change everything forever, and I need your help to stop it.”

“G.U.N. already did that,” Winter stated coldly.

“And it’s only going to get worse,” It warned. It paused for a moment. “You can’t leave this place!”

“What, why not?”

“Because they know what you’re pretending to be,” It finished.

[Chapter 6]

“Whoa!” His friend stopped holding his head.

“What’s wrong?” Power asked pulling him into an alleyway.

“I-I donno, it’s like… …something’s going on here, something really weird.”

“Well, at lot of weird things have been going on DJ, so that doesn’t really help.”

“No, really weird, like science-fiction weird,” he rephrased.

“Does it have something to do with that Overpowered?”

“Yes, but I still have some blanks that need to be filled. It’s like, he’s a hero or something.”

“What like Sonic the Hedgehog?” Power asked.

“Oh no, here comes the fanboy,” DJ teased.

“What, he fought Doctor Eggman lots of times, he is a hero,” he argued.

“I didn’t say he wasn’t, I only said you’re a fanboy, admit it!” He insisted.


“Maybe?! Yes, 100% yes!”

“What does it matter? He works for the people who are hunting us.”

“Hey, you don’t know, maybe they forced him too or something,” DJ suggested as the two continued walking.

“Or maybe that isn’t even him, maybe they did whatever they do to the capture Overpowereds and this is his clone.”

“What? What?! What?!! How does that make any since?!” DJ stopped walking, staring at him like he was a complete idiot.

“Haha, got ya!” Power laughed beginning to walk again.

[Chapter 7]

Nothing, that’s what they had. He had disappeared, gone. “Into the shadows, eh, eh?” Sonic joked.

“No, Sonic,” Knuckles shook his head.

“Can’t blame a guy for trying,” Sonic shrugged.

“I still don’t think Shadow betrayed us,” Tails stated. Like he always did every time they had a lead on him.

“Well, he obviously didn’t stand with us,” Knuckles argued. Tails just got back to work, watching the tape to see if find anything useful.

“Finally, half way there, and it only took all night,” Topaz groaned walking in. “Please tell me you have an idea where he could be so we could check over there instead of doing the whole city.”

“Sorry, no.”

“Ya know, I’ve been thinking-”

“That’s a shocker,” Rouge whispered.

“Haha very funny, how did he get so good at hiding this quickly?” Sonic began. “Maybe he has a teacher, someone who’s been hiding their whole life, someone he knows-catch my drift.”

“Project Chaos? Wow, Sonic-I can’t believe I’m saying this but, that’s a good theory.”

“Great, Sonic does have a brain, but how does that help?” Topaz asked. “None of us know how she thinks, none of us every even interacted with her!”

“I did,” Omega stated plainly. “She is very strong; she has my 99.999% respect.”

“Why not you’re 100%?” Tails asked.

“Because she hides, like a coward,” He finished.

“Well, that’s really all she can do, I mean it’s that or start a war,” Tails reminded.

“A war she could easily win!”  That statement reminded them all how dangerous she was. “She almost thinks like a machine, she processes everything with logic, and has little to no emotion, from what I’ve seen.”