Volunteering, Required? Or Not Required?

Volunteering is when you do work for no pay. It could be to help your community, to fill your hours for school, or even when you help you neighbor. All high school student must volunteer for a certain amount of hours to graduate. Many say this shouldn’t be required, while others say it should. Volunteering provides a valuable experience ever student should have, and should be required to graduate high school.

Volunteer activities add value to a collage application and work resumes. A collage graduate that volunteered at a Technological Industry is most likely to get a job in that field than a graduate that didn’t, according to an article from unitedway.org.

Another reason volunteering should be required is the fact that it helps students explore their interests. “Volunteering can be an opportunity to learn more about something you enjoy doing,” reads an article on unitedway.org. It could also inspire students to work harder and to help out in the community more often, keeping kids off the streets and out of trouble. To many times have bright students’ gotten into trouble because they were alone with nothing to do, volunteering is a sure fire solution to this problem.

Despite all this, some would argue that volunteering should be something you choose to do because you want to, not because you have to. While this is a somewhat valid argument, it does have it problems, one being, what child willing finishes school and goes off to do volunteer work? All of us from experience can honestly say we didn’t. Volunteering is the best for our children, and should be required of them because it is in the best interest. An article tittle, “Is forced Volunteering Helping Anyone?” a researcher stated that, “the hope is that by having teen give back, they will be encouraged to be good citizens and volunteers as adult.”