Unsuspected Heroes Chapter 3 & 4

He couldn’t tell if it was morning or night, it was dark where he was, and smelly. He woke up to the smell of last month’s trash. “Good morning Power.” He coughed. He lifted the lid of the dumpster he was hiding in very slowly, the light from the sun blinding him. Eyes burning, he climbed out. The fresh air was sweet to his lungs. He knocked softly on the dumpster next to his. “Hey, it’s time to get moving.” His friend climbed out.

“Hey remember that guy from last night?” He asked.

“The one who told us to run? Yeah, some type of gangster.” Power replied.

“Well, he might be dressed like one but he isn’t, he’s one of us, an Overpowered.”

“How do you know that?!” Power asked stupidly, already knowing the answer.

“I had another dream last night. I still haven’t made sense of it, but he’s in it.”

Chapter 4

“Caught two Overpowereds yesterday, and one this morning.”

“Their powers?”

“Manipulation of air, shape-shifting, and a technopath. Do I begin preparation for containment?”

“Yes, Topaz, begin preparation.” Topaz left the room to do as she was told. The room was a good size with a coffee table, a work desk in the center, a television, and a few pictures on the walls. “Would, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Rogue, and Omega please come to the main office?” Sonic was there is a flash, followed by Tails and Knuckles. Once everyone was in the room and the doors closed he began to speak.

“What’s up, Commander Tower?” Sonic asked with a casual tone.

“Any leads on Shadow?”

“No, he was spotted by a patrol robot, but snuck away, and nothing after that.” Rogue answered. “Though, we do know what he is posing as, a gangster.”

Sonic and Knuckles snickered. “I want all the gangsters in this entire city scanned and tested!” Tower ordered. “Whatever you need, just get this done!” He paused for a few moments. “Rogue and Tails are in charge.”

“Dang it,” Sonic complained under his breath as they walked out of the room.