Unsuspected Heroes Chapters 20 and 21

“Hurry! Power, we don’t have much time!” DJ yelled, running faster. They ran behind the city, right at its limits. G.U.N headquarters was at the edge of the city, protecting its northern border.

“Dude, we’re about to reach Mach 2! There is barely anything faster, we’ll get there,” Power answered.

“We have to get there, have to,” he murmured.

Power understood that DJ couldn’t tell him much about the future, or most the things he sees, but this one was different, he was really afraid.

DJ slowed to a stop. “We here?” Power asked.

“Depends on where ‘here’ is.” The two turned. A purple cat stood behind them, hands ablaze. They turned again, an albino hedgehog stood in front of them.

“We’re here to help…” DJ began. “I know about the future.”

“Who are you, how do you know about all this?” Blaze asked, not lowering her guard.

“You are all in danger,” DJ informed.

[Chapter 21]

He snuck he way into the base, “Alright future-boy, where am I going?” He whispered, through his communicator.

“Sector three, quadrant four, room-”

“Room thirty-six,” Shadow finished.

“How did you…?” Silver asked.

“It’s Team Dark’s workroom, and if nothing’s changed,” he grunted as he jumped off the celling. There was a small bang as his metallic soles of his shoes hit the metallic ground. “It should be easy to get there.” He went hallway by hallway, being careful. He stopped in front of doors. He could see their outlines.

“Why do they have to be so good at hiding?!” He heard Topaz exclaim.

“We’ll never find them, Shadow and Winter are probably, hundreds of miles away!” Sonic said.

“Not as far as you might think…faker.”

They all turned, “Shadow?! What are you doing here?”

“Do you have a death wish faker?” Sonic asked.

“Yeah great to see all of you to, we need your help,” he began. “Towers has been lying, Overpowereds aren’t the danger, he is!”

“Ok, you had me up till the point you said he was the danger,” Sonic stated.

“Towers is building a weapon of mass destruction; he’s going to destroy the entire city!” Shadow growled.

“What?!” Knuckles exclaimed. “Why would he do that?”

“Look, we don’t have much time, we need to find the weapon and destroy it,” Shadow finished.

“Where’s the rest of your party?” Sonic asked.

“Outside the base. Silver, we still don’t know where the weapon is,” he informed.

“Is Sonic on our side?” Winter asked. Shadow looked at the others. They all nodded.


“Great, then get out of there, now!”

“Agents are headed this way,” Tails looked back at him, “Weapons raised.”

“Sorry Shads.” Sonic punched him, lunching him through the glass, finally hitting the hallway wall. Shadow growled before running off, Sonic hot on his tail. He ran out the base to nearly crash into a G.U.N Mech.

“Blast it,” he growled.  Sonic spin-dashed into his back. “Gahhh!”

“Shadow, what’s going on?” Silver asked.

“I’m under attack!” He answered.

“What did I tell you?!” Winter slashed the leg off the giant Mech with her sword. “Whoa!” Plants warped around the Mechs immobilizing them.

“Raaahhhh!” Power screamed as he burned the robots, red fire rings glowing.

“Make it convincing,” Sonic whispered. Shadow smirked. He punched Sonic in the stomach, sending him flying.

“You enjoyed that more than you should,” Sonic grunted.

“C’mon, let’s go before more Mechs get here!” Winter called. Shadow, Winter and Power broke into runs.

“DJ!” Power called. Thorny vines grow behind them.

“Yeow!” Sonic yelp.

“What the…?” Shadow asked. “Who’s this guy?” He gestured towards Power.

“You’re welcome for saving your butt,” he said sarcastically.

“We need to go, now!” DJ warned.

“What the hell is going on?! Who are these two? I wasn’t gone that long!” Shadow stormed.

“I’ll tell you when we’re safe,” Winter said, grabbing his arm, following the others.

“Guys, what’s taking you so long?” Silver asked. “You need to hurry, I’ve got no visual, there are no cameras in the woods.”

“Don’t need ‘em,” Winter whispered. “You guys keep going, I’ll make sure the agents don’t follow.”


Unsuspected Heroes Chapter 19

She crept closer to her target. Hitting him with the handle of her sword, knocking him out. “Remember, no killing,” he said for the hundredth time through a communicator.

“Alright, alright, Silver we get it, calm down, it’s not like I want to kill them, esh!” Winter hissed.

“How do we find this thing before we’re spotted?” Shadow asked.

“…Sonic will believe us when we say, ‘we’re here to save the world,’ won’t he?” Blaze more asked then answered.

Winter stopped dead in her tracks, “You’re betting our lives on Sonic believing us?!”

“The future is at stake, risks have to be taken,” Silver stated firmly.

“Yeah, I know a thing or two about risks, but if we get caught that’s the end,” Winter answered.

“Which is why one of us is going to talk to him,” Shadow said, implying that someone was him. He began to walked towards the base. She rushed up, and grabbed his arm.

“Shadow…you don’t know what they’ll do to you, if, if,” she stopped, not even wanting to think it.

“Which is why they won’t,” he answered plainly.

“How do you know?” She asked.

“Because they won’t!” He yelled.

“Thinking like that is what gets people killed!” She yelled in reply. He turned, her voice sounded different. It was filled with fear…and sadness.

“Winter, I got this, trust me,” he said softly.

“I trust you, I don’t trust the chances,” she answered, looking away.

“Come on, what are the chances of us saving the future, what are the odds of time travel?” He asked.

She sighed. “Be careful Shadow.”

Unsuspected Heroes Chapter 18

He was awoken by his friend’s groaning. He was afraid, he has shown his power to the kid last night, for a second he though G.U.N had found them. He rose quickly. The multi-green hedgehog was tossing and turning make unpleasant noises.

“DJ? DJ? DJ?! Wake up!” Power shook him, genteelly at first, but with every call he shook him more violently.

“Power!” His voice was filled with fear, he grabbed Power’s arm, not letting go. “G.U.N…stop….”

“DJ, what’s going on, what are you seeing?!” Power was nervous. DJ gasped, back in the real world.

“We have to go, we have to get to G.U.N Headquarters,” his breath was shaky and shallow.

“What’s going on? Have you gone crazy?! We’re going to walk into our enemies’ home, take us!” He nearly scolded.

“They need our help!”

Unsuspected Heroes Chapter 17

He was in his office. “Sir, Project Victory is nearly ready, still waiting on the Bridge.”

“Work faster, I want it ready to go by tomorrow!” He ordered.

“We’ll try.”

“I know you won’t disappoint me…that is if you want to keep your job.”

“Yes, sir.”  

This will work, I will win. He thought to himself. You will not escape me a second time.

Unsuspected Heroes Chapter 16

They were digging into what Towers had told them. Sonic rushed back in. “Got the file you wanted, ladies.”

“Sonic, this is the wrong file,” Rogue sighed.

“Really? Ok, be back in a flash,” he said before snatching the file and running back out the room.

“He’ll never get it!” Topaz groaned the moment he was gone. “Even Knucklehead would have a better chance.”

“Thanks, Topaz.”

“That isn’t exactly a complement…” Tails began to explain but left it alone. “Project Chaos was an experiment run by Doctor Eggman to create the Ultimate Living Weapon, he would increase the subject’s strength, speed, agility, and even give him or her the power to control chaos energy.”

“Tails, we already know all this, we need new information, clues that could tell us who she is,” Topaz answered.

“Why settle for clues, when you can have her name; Winter the Hedgehog,” Tails said proudly.

“Haha, funny name,” Sonic laughed.

“Where’s the file?” Rogue asked. He handed her a vanilla folder.

Written on the cover was; “Top Secret, Level 8.”

“What are you hoping is in the file, Rogue?” Knuckles asked.

“Answers, Knux,” she then began to read something aloud. “After further observation we have found the subject far too dangerous, Project Chaos seems to be a success, and we have no option other than to terminate the subject and all evidence of it….” Everyone was quite. “We were sent on that mission.”

“What mission?”

“To capture Project Chaos, she and Shadow fought and we lost ‘em for a while, and she escaped,” Rouge recollected.

“Did you know she was going to be killed?” Sonic asked.

“No, Towers told us she was going to be recruited, he never mentioned anything about killing…” she stopped.

“Rouge, you didn’t know,” Knuckles stated.

“If he lied, not only to you, but to the whole world about Project Chaos, then how can we be sure he hasn’t lied about everything else?!” Topaz was enraged.

“Look guys, I know you’re angry, I am too, but we need to act normal,” Rogue looked at everyone in the room. “We’ll do Shadow and Winter more good if we do.”

“Likelihood of this working is 44%,” Omega warned.

“We do the impossible!” Sonic encouraged. “C’mon guys, we got this! We saved the world more times than any of us can count, what’s one more time?”

“Sonic, we’re not saving the world!” The all said.

His ears lowered, and his body drooped over, and his face was dull, “Really guys, you know what I meant!”

Unsuspected Heroes Chapter 15

She couldn’t sleep. She couldn’t stop thinking about…everything. Not because of fear, or anger, or ever because she didn’t understand, but because she was digging. Maybe for something that even wasn’t there. She played the memories back in her head almost about a thousand times, but she couldn’t bury the feeling, the feeling that there was more, something missing.

And to top it all off, she didn’t really feel safe in an apartment room. She got out of bed, she looked out the window next to the computers. Only a few street lights were on.

“What was life like?” She turned, Silver stood behind her. “What was life like, during the war…was it…better?”

“I’m the wrong person to ask,” she sighed. “Life was always the same for me, hiding, being hunted.”

“Why?” He asked.

She inhaled. “Because…I’m one of Eggman’s experiments, Project Chaos.”

“And? So what?” Silver said. “That shouldn’t define who you are.”

She smiled slightly. “I know it shouldn’t, but it does, just like the title Overpowered defines all of us.”

“What does Overpowered even mean?” She looked at him. “Why does it have to mean something bad, huh, what can’t it mean something good?”

She laughed slightly. “Well, I know someone who’d start a revolution.” Silver blushed, nervous. “Ironically…the time during the war was better,” she stopped, looking down at the wooden floor. “I had two ever close friends then…that…aren’t here anymore.”

“What happened?” Silver asked, quietly.

“Well, we were winning the war, Eggman went crazy, going into overdrive, but we all underestimated him, and kinda went off guard, Sonic and his Freedom Fighters were under attack, I could hear the explosions and shouts. When I got there their base was burned to the ground, I helped as best I could…”

“But you guys won, didn’t you?”

“…We did, but not without casualties; Amy Rose, and a few others, died that day,” she finished. Silver didn’t answer. “But I guess that’s a good thing, they’re not here to see all the fought for taken.”

“I’m so sorry,” he finally said. He knew it was cliché, but he didn’t know what else to say.

“Yeah, I am too,” she answered quietly. “So, what’s your story?”

“Wh-what, oh, well…I don’t really have one, Mobius was destroyed before I was born. One day Blaze and I found an old file containing information about how it all happened. The was also a note attached to the file, it said we could travel back to this year and stop it, but we’d need the help of Shadow the Hedgehog and Project Chaos,” he explained. She nodded.

The gold plates on her boots glistened as the moon light streamed through the closed window. The black diamonds on her boots and coat gave off a light black arura. Silver had walked away silently, going back to bed. She just stood there overlooking the city through the window again.

“What’s bothering you?”

“What gives you the idea something’s bothering me?” She asked, placing her hands on her hips.

“I’ve know you for a long time, Winter, I was a G.U.N Agent trained to see things, I can tell,” he replied.

“Then your skills need so fine toning, Ultimate Life Form, cause I’m fine,” she said, looking out the window again.

“Yeah sure, whatever you say, Project Chaos,” he smirked.

“Why does everyone call me that? I mean, I have a real, normal name!” She exclaimed.

“It’s not that bad, makes you sound menacing,” he replied.

“Oh, I don’t need to sound menacing,” she said, turning away, blushing slightly.

He knew something was wrong with her. He must have been deep in though because everything happened so fast. He blinked. Winter had tackled him, pinning him to the ground. He felt cold rushing through him, like she was freezing him! His natural instinct kicked in, he fought her, Winter managed to keep him pinned down for quite a while before he kicked her off. She hit the ground with her right shoulder. She hissed stopping herself for attacking him.

“Why’d you do that?” He growled.

“Because there was building scanner right outside the window,” she hissed. “I covered your thermal readings!” She walked into her room, not closing the door. He followed her. He felt a hint of gilt.

“Winter, I,” he sighed. “I’m not really good at apologizes or anything other than combat.”

“Neither am I, in all honesty, I was ready for that. I’ve known you as long as you’ve known me,” she turned to face him. “You may have been trained, but I need these skills to survive…plus, I’ve been hit worse,” she smirked. He chuckled slightly.

Unsuspected Heroes Chapter 14

Mostly everyone else was a sleep, but she continued digging. She made a promise to someone long ago, and she had broken it. She wasn’t on his side, instead she was hunting him. “I’m sorry,” she whispered sadly.

“Rouge? What are you doing, it’s late?” Knuckles asked.

“I trying to clear Shadow’s name,” she answered, not stopping. The red echidna sighed. He sat down next to her.

“What can I do to help, bat-girl?” He offered, kindly. Rogue smiled a little and the two got to work.