Winter the Hedgehog(About)

Winter the hedgehog
“Quit staring, I’m albino, not an alien!”
Background Story
Winter the Hedgehog was captured by Doctor Eggman to be experimented on to become the ultimate living weapon, during the experiments her memory was wiped and can never be retrieved, so all she can ever remember about her “past” is the pain of the experiments Eggman was doing. When Eggman proceeded to give her the power to control Chaos Energy something happen, the moment the energy entered her something else awoke. All the rage and pain she had fueled her new “Dark Energy.” She destroyed the base ad escaped. She spent a very long time alone, learning to control her new powers. She later rescued a Chao from some badnicks. She grew found of the Chao naming it Frosty because of its ice crystal wings. Soon after that she met Sage the Hedgehog. The two fought, but learning that neither worked for Eggman felt embarrassed and apologized to one another, the two formed an unbreakable bond.

Winter is a quiet, intelligent hedgehog. She is really very kind, but because of her Dark Energy she is usually cruel and distant. Not remembering anything past being experimented on, she has no idea why and where she got the scare that extends from her right shoulder down to the right side of her stomach, or why her tail is broken, and whenever people stare or ask her about it is a reminder that she’s missing something. Despite all this Winter is incredibly selfless, putting herself in harm’s way to save others without giving it a second thought.
Powers and Abilities
Winter was born with the power to control and create ice and snow. She also has supersonic speed and hearing. She is very experience in hand-to-hand combat and sword fighting. When she is fighting she can turn any individual part or her whole body into ice delivering more damage and making it harder to hurt her. She also has the power to absorbed any type of energy, not just Chaos Energy, she also has Dark Energy, though she tends not to use it often, of fear she might lose control.
Interaction with Others
Sage the Hedgehog
Winter and Sage have a brother-sister bond. They both have pasts that were ruined by Eggman. They often go to stop Eggman’s plans of world domination. While Sage see this as another adventure, Winter sees it as something serious. Despite their different outlooks of the world, as Sage being optimistic and Winter sees there always is a logical way things can go wrong, they always get the job done and have a little fun while doing so.
Sonic the Hedgehog
Winter and Sonic don’t know each other too well, in fact the only reason they know each other at all is because of Sage. After their first encounter with each other the two respected each other and could relate to each other but are nothing more than distant friends.
Miles “Tails” Prower
Winter and Tails really don’t know each other too well.
Amy Rose
Amy sees Winter as a hedgehog that just needs a girlfriend. Winter, greatly annoyed by the gesture usually tries to avoid Amy, but is very polite when doing so, as to not hurt her feelings.
Shadow the Hedgehog
Shadow helped Winter understand more of what little past she has, by accident, when he told her she was “Project Chaos” a project the Doctor was working on to be unstoppable, and mainly able to defeat him. She and Shadow slowly became very close friends, neither of them admitting this, and slowly began having feelings for each other.
Frosty the Chao
After saving Frosty from some badniks the two became good friends. Frost never leaves Winter’s side. Though, at time Frosty can be annoying, because she has the tendency to buzz around Winter’s head causing her ears to ring, Winter loves the little Chao.
Doctor Eggman
Winter hates Eggman. Eggman in truly afraid of Winter, knowing how strong he made her.
•    Winter is immortal/ageless.
• She goes by the age of 14.
• Her ears are larger than most hedgehogs.
• Winter is also taller than most hedgehogs because her ears give her a few more inches.
• The diamonds on her gloves are actually holes which allow her to use her powers.
• No one knows what the diamonds stand for, if anything.
• Winter’s sword is made of very thick ice that cannot melt.
• The diamonds of her sword can absorbed some of her Chaos Energy making the sword stronger.
• Winter’s favorite food is apple pie.
• When Winter turns Super she appears to be in her Dark form because of her Dark Energy.
• Her Dark Energy can be compared to negative Chaos Energy, and is fueled by her rage.
• The reason her experimentation was called “Project Chaos” was because she was created to be the ultimate living weapon, or a monster, as she often refers to herself as.