Unsuspected Heroes (News)

A new story is coming to Marythelittlewriter! A story that takes place after the war with Eggman, the DocĀ is dead-yup that’s right dead. šŸ˜€

Anyway G.U.N. is now ruling Mobius, hunting groups of Mobions, they categorized as Overpowered, among this group is-congratulations if you guessed it, you get pizzašŸ•-Shadow the Hedgehog x-G.U.N Agent. He and Project Chaos, a hedgehog that was experimented on by Doctor Eggman to be the UltimateĀ Living Weapon, are hiding for the living, when everything is turned upside down, when a time traveling hedgehog from the future needs’ their help to save the world!

Coming in the year 2016.