The Adventures of the Super Mario Bros.-Book 9

[In the Mushroom Kingdom]

“Alright guys, see ya.”

They waved good-bye to their friend as he disappeared. They turned, the towers of the castle peeking over the trees. They walked back towards it. When they reached it they smiled, the little town was quiet and peaceful. They felt happiness, they were back home, and their home was still there to greet them.

As the sun rose over the very tops of the castle the little town bustled with life and activity, in fact, the town didn’t seem so little anymore. The streets were filled with the clamoring of friendly chatter, mothers scolding, shop keepers advertising, and children’s laughter, yup, this was home.

As they walked down the dusty old dirt roads some Toads ran up to them, telling they about the new paved roads they’re going to be building instead of the dusty dirty dirt roads. They talked about other things for a few more moments, where they had been, what Bowser was up to, about Peach, and all around life.

The air was sweet, leaves danced in the air, littering the roads making them look better than they really were. It was fall, the season where it is chilly and holidays are celebrated. It was a happy time of year, it was the only time Bowser didn’t kidnap the princess, for he two enjoyed the festivities, in fact…the whole Mushroom World does!

[Mario’s view of things]

As I walked down the dirt roads of Toad Town I grew happier than I thought imaginable, Thanksgiving was around the corner, then Costume Night, then-the youngling’s personal favorite, Christmas. Everyone had a small little bounce in their steps, even Luigi! They were all talking about how the Thanksgiving feast would be great, everyone in the whole five kingdoms were going to be there…even Bowser….

“I still think it really isn’t a good idea to invite Bowser this year-or any year- he is the villain around here.” Luigi voiced.

“I know, but it’s the Princess’ decision, plus Bowser isn’t that cold hearted to ruin Thanksgiving for everyone just so he can kidnap her.” I replied.

“He’s a reptile he’s cold blooded for crying out loud!”

“Prince Peasley is gonna be there.”

“What? Really?! Oh, I mean cool, nice.” I laughed. “Not funny Mario.”


A Glimpse into the Future-Book 10

[In Mobius’ future]

The future was fixed, but with being fixed come a new set of problems, the timeline has been altered, whatever happens, wasn’t meant to be, it is a new timeline, anyone can change it, either for good or ill.

Life was nice, G.U.N has been reborn. Shadow was the commander, even though he strongly disagreed. He doesn’t know this, but he does a great job, he is a fine commander. Everyone was happy. There had been a fifteen year peace. So most of the agents had gone home to their families, but where ready to be called back if needed. And everyone had a family.

There was a threat to the peace, as there always is, Ivo Jr.

“He has built a base and is constructing an army.” Shadow informed his friends which were the only G.U.N agents at hand.

“Come on, can’t the guy just enjoy the peace? Get a cat or something.” Sonic complained.

“Eggman was his father Sonic, what else did you expect?” Tails asked. (Tails is thirteen years old). Sonic shrugged.

“I’ve called the others are told them to be ready.” Rouge informed.


[Blaze’s view of things]

‘Like I don’t know what was going on.’ My parents and the others were having another late night meeting at our place. We were listening from the top of the stairs, by we I mean, myself, Shadric, Lilly, Veronica, Angle, and Oreo. Sky and Mikey were in my room, they weren’t the type to listen in on grown up conversations.

Ever since I went to the past to stop Dooms Day life here had turned for the better. The planet is inhabited like it was before Eggman starting his empire. Things were going well, so good all of the G.U.N agents had gone home to their families.

“So what do we do in the mean time?” Knuckles asked.

“Keep watching him.” The conversation went on for a while, mostly things that were very interesting.

“Kids! Time to go!” Sonic called. Shadric and Lilly waved good-bye and raced down the stairs, the rest of us ran into my room so they wouldn’t think we were listening in.

“Come guys!” Knuckles called.

“See you guys tomorrow.” Angle waved as she and he younger brother, Mikey, walked down the stairs.

“What about us?” Oreo asked.

“The kitchen has a back door-wait why are you asking, my parents know you’re here.” I laughed.

“Bye.” Sky waved. I nodded. I turned to Veronica.

“T-Think they know?” She asked me.

“Nah.” I answered. Silver walked in. “Hey, genius, ever learned to knock?” He chuckled. “So…?”

“So what?”

“Why are you here?”

“Oh, now I have to have a reason for things?”

“When did you never?”

“I came to warn you that Winter and Shadow just might be on to you.” Veronica had hidden under the covers of the bed, like she always does when somebody enters the room. Silver looked.

I shrugged and forced a laugh. Even though Silver had been here long before she was born she never really got used to him being around, she liked him-as a friend-by always ran away or hid or didn’t talk when he was around. “What did I do?”

“Nothing Silver, she just-.”

“Hates me.”

“She doesn’t hate you, and she can hear you.” He sighed. Veronica popped her head from under the covers. She took a long gaze at Silver, and slowly climbed out of bed.

“… … …” She wanted to say something but was scared to. “I…don’t…hate you.” She said slowly. Silver smiled.

“Told you.” I said. Soon Silver left. Then dad walked in. ‘We are so dead.’ He looked at the both of us.

“Alright you two, what did you hear?” He questioned.

“Everything.” I replied.

“You were listening in the whole time? We only realized at the very end!” He couldn’t believe it.

“Dad, don’t worry…this will soon be all over.” Veronica encouraged. (She only had problems speaking to people who aren’t, myself, mom, and dad). He smiled, but I could tell he hadn’t be convinced.

A Grand Adventure-Book 8.

[Power’s view of things]

I awoke in a room. I looked around, it didn’t take long for me to guess correctly where I was. The last place I was before…the blackness, was attacking G.U.N so the doctor could escape. The only places I could be was back at Eggman’s base, or at G.U.N H.Q. If I were at Eggman base I wouldn’t be locked in a room, so it has to be the latter…which is just great!

[Tails’ view of things]

The H.Q. was still being fixed from the events of the day before. Everyone was mostly ok, but still a little uneasy. I hadn’t seen Shadow whack Power, but I did hear the bang, and saw the metal beam in his hand and an unconscious jerk.

Now, that very conscious jerk was in an interrogation room, which just so happened to be fire proof- what did the founders of this organization think would happen-? I guess I shouldn’t complain since if it wasn’t for that…thought…Power would have escaped by now.

“So…who’s goin’ talk to him?” An agent asked.

“Why not you? You are the interrogator.” Winter replied. In other words saying “I don’t want to.” I couldn’t blame her, I didn’t either. The interrogator thought for a moment.

“You should, I mean he’s…you know…and he could trust you giving you an advantage.” He said the first part very slowly and rushed the last part.

“Yeah, only that he has been trying to kill me for a long time now, so sure, he’s so gonna trust me.” She said sarcastically.

“Fine! Esh. Don’t need to get nasty. I’ll interrogate him-later!” We all walked out of the room. Knuckles snickered. We walked back into the room. I, sadly, had no idea what was going on.

“Well, that was easy.” Sonic sounded surprised.

“What’s going on here?” I asked. Nobody answered. ‘Classic, ignoring the eight year old, I thought this stage was over.’ “What’s going on?” I asked louder.

“Ready, this won’t be recorded.” Rogue informed.

I was about to ask again when Sonic turned to me. “Winter is going to interrogate him, but off the record,”

“About what?”

“About the same stuff he is going to.”

“Then why interrogate him off record?” I was confused.

“Because, it’s more fun this way-to be honest I have no clue.” He replied.

“Remember only attack him if completely needed.”

“It’s always needed if you ask me.” Knuckles whispered.

“True, true, but how are we going to hide a black eye from the Commander?” Rogue asked.

“Well then, this’ll be no fun.” Suddenly Silver hurried in.

“The Commander’s looking for us!”

“But…but…the show.” Sonic joked as we walked out.

So we walked into the main room like we WEREN’T just trying to interrogate Power OFF RECORD. I guess the others were pretty good actors because I wasn’t acting, I wasn’t trying to interrogate him, I was trying to figure out what was goin’ on!

[Sonic’s view of things]

‘Buzzkill.’ The Commander just had to be looking for us, then, at the very second didn’t he? Why was he even looking for us?  “Is it just me or are they destroying that wall instead of fixing it?” I asked.

“Needed to tear it all down to fix it.” The Commander replied.

“Oh, never would have guessed that, I thought they were opening a way for Eggman to get in. Might as well put up a nice neon welcome sign because that hole is big enough for a Mech!” I informed, rudely.

“Thank you, there’s no way I could have thought of that, that’s why Omega is just standing there doing nothing.” He played along.

‘Real buzzkill.’ Rogue and Tails were laughing quietly.

“Now, can I get to why I called you here?” He looked at us. “Now, I know you don’t work for us, but we are working together…”

‘Awkward.’ I looked at Knuckles. He stood there like he had never though anything remotely close to what the Commander was talking about. Which is what made this moment so great. Then, the best part. The Commander moved on like nothing happened and he hadn’t started that sentence.

“We have gotten reports that Eggman might have obtained some information from our computers while ‘helping’ us. We want you to get it back.”

So we had something to do, great, only I didn’t get to go! Along with Shadow, Rouge and Tails. We got to stay here and die of boredom.

“How come we all can’t go?” I grumbled.

“Beats me.” Tails answered.