A Grand Adventure-Book 7. Part 5.

*[Shadow’s view of things]

“You had better not of hurt her.”

“Esh. What makes you think I would do that? If it because I’m a Black Arm then that’s-what’s the word you use, ah yes- that’s racist!” He nearly exclaimed.

“Not if it’s true.”

“Well, brother, it isn’t true, she’s fine for now…but she won’t be if you do not help us.” He said calmly.

“First, I’m not your brother, second you leave her out of these, and third, I’m never going to help you!” I growled.

“You’d be surprised what caring for somebody can do.” I charged at him. He swatted me into a wall. “I was made to destroy you, Shadow! I’m am the Black Arms version of you! Only better! Gerald, thinks he created the ultimate lifeform, but he didn’t. I am an Ultimate lifeform Shadow.” He paused. I looked at him.

“Sure. Believe their lies.”

“Lies?! Shadow, you don’t belong on that planet, with those weaklings, this is your home and your people.”

“That planet and those weaklings are my home and my people, my friends!” I yelled, punching him in the gut.

“They’re all going to die, but you will not, then what, huh? Then you’ll no longer have your friends.” He looked at me. “Sonic, Rouge, Omega…Silver, they’ll all be dead sooner or later.” I kicked him in the head. He smiled wickedly. “We already have troops on the ground, it will not be long before we start what we came here to do.” He walked out of the room.

[Black Death’s view of things]

“You have disobeyed my orders!” I boomed.

“Sir, yes, I know, but if we could get Shadow on our side, these would be a lot easier.”

“Did you forget that Shadow killed Black Doom, his own father?! And destroyed the Old Black Comet? He isn’t going to our side!”

“But then he had no weakness, but times have changes, now he has two.” Eclipse grinned. I looked at him.

“Do whatever you think will work…Eclipse…if I see this isn’t working I will intervene.” He nodded. “We will not be defeated by a traitor!”

[Sonic’s view of things]

We were barricading the doors and boarding up the windows and vents. The Black Arms were trying to get in. Silver was using his telekinesis to bring over the things that were too heavy…like metal beams and things like that. When that was finished we all sit down on the floor or chairs to watch the Blacks Arms trying to get in.

‘Please don’t come in, please don’t come in!’

[Silver’s view of things]

I was sitting on the floor next to Tails. We were both watching the Black Arms charge at the door and walls. The building rattled. Every time my heart stopped beating, I felt like the building was going to fall.

Omega was guarding the doors. I inhaled deeply. “We’ll be fine. This building is pretty strong.” Tails whispered.

“I’m supposed to be reassuring you.” I answered. He looked at me. He words sounded hopeful, but his eyes told a different story.

‘Please don’t break in, please don’t!’