A Grand Adventure-Book 7. Part 6.

[Winter’s view of things]

I was looking for the door. I was knocking on the walls looking for a hollow spot. Solid knock after solid knock my heart started beating faster, I became more desperate.

Just when I was about to give up hope, I heard a hollow knock. Not that it helped much, because it looked like the door only opened for the outside. ‘Great…I’m stuck here…of all the times I couldn’t use my powers, why does this have to be one.’

So now, the only thing I could do was wait.

[Eclipse’s view of things]

 I walked back into the room Shadow was locked in. I couldn’t see him anywhere. “What?!” I started looking around.

“Have fun!”

I turned. “NO!” Shadow closed the door. He was out, and I was locked in. “This was going to be harder than I thought.” I banged on the door until one of the Black Arms opened it. I ran to the room Black Death was in, which was at the center of the New Black Comet. “Shadow is loose.” I panted. Black Death turned to me.

“Do you still think you can convince him?! I told you he wouldn’t! All units, destroy Shadow!” I knew he was right, but…I still felt like it was wrong. “And you, he is probably looking for her, so show him the way.” I nodded and ran off. The moment I walked into the room she stood up.

“Your friend is out.” I stated. She looked at me. “Now, we both know where he’s going…” I paused. She knew what was going to happen, I could see it in her face, her eyes, the fear, the worry. Two Black Arms walked in. She started taking a few steps back.

“Chaos Shield!” A shield of pure Chaos Energy formed around her. I couldn’t believe this. She was also Chaos Fueled?!

“You know, I’m trying really hard NOT to get Shadow killed!” I began. She looked at me. “I’m trying to get him to join our side, but if that doesn’t work Black Death will intervene, and I’m sure you know what he’ll do.” The Black Arms had backed off.

“Eclipse!” I turned around stiffly.

“Haha, sir…hi…” He gave me a stern look. Shadow is headed this way.” He turned to Winter, she was still protected in her shield.

“We have had a change of plans, Shadow is hopeless…her on the other hand can still be persuaded.”

[Eggman’s view of things]

The Black Arms were going to get in, we could all tell. The walls already had cracks. We were each being give a gas mask. “Once they come we’ll hit them with all we got, holding them back until you three can get the shield up.”

“You mean they had a shield and didn’t put it up before?!” I hear Silver whisper to Tails.

“It takes time for it to power up, so we better get to work now.” Tails answered. The three of us walked toward the computer to get to work. My hand were sweaty. Silver fumbled on the keys. He closed his eyes and inhaled deeply, his hands got steadier. Suddenly there was an explosion, the heat from the blast against my back.

“Keep going guys!” Sonic called. My heart began to race.

“Gas!” Knuckles warned. For some reason even though I knew I had the gas make on I felt like I need to stop breathing so I wouldn’t be paralyzed by the gasses.

“The shields up!” I yelled.

“Great, now what about the one that are still inside?!” Rogue called, diving into one of them. I turned, a Black arm was charging at me.

“Look out!” Silver got in front of me and put up a wall. He looked at me. “I still hate you.”

I could help but laugh a little.