A Grand Adventure-Book 7. Part 3.

[Winter’s view of things]

This code was a monster! Nothing was working, and it didn’t really help with Eggman sitting right next to me, he has been a villain for a long time according to Sonic. He also holds the world record for…’the man who doubled crossed the most people, ever!’

Silver looked at me. “I’m starting to think this isn’t even a code.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Nothing…it’s stupid.” I gave him a look. “What if it’s something else, kidda like Morse code?”

“But isn’t that what we tried with the decoder ring?” Both of us started thinking. I looked at the code in front of me on the computer screen.

The more I looked at it the less and less it looked like a code, Silver was right. It started to make an image in my head. ‘We have been looking at this all wrong!’ “Tails, did you bring one of those holo-cubes?” He tossed one at me. I hooked it up to the computer and downloaded the ‘code’ onto it.

“What are you doing?” Sonic asked.

“We’ve been looking at it all wrong, we’ve been looking at it in the second dimension, when we needed to be looking at it from-” I pushed a button on the holographic cube and the ‘code’ appeared in 3D. “We should have been looking at it from the third dimension.”

“It still looks like a bunch of numbers.” Eggman stated. I imagined he did not just say that. I zoomed out and turned it clockwise until, it made an image. The numbers were grouped together making…

“What, what is that?” Silver asked. He took the words right out of my mouth.

“S-Sir, is that what I think it is?” An agent shuttered. The Commander just stared.

“How? Shadow blasted that thing to bits years ago!” Rogue exclaimed.

“Sir. Somebody is trying to contact us.” The Commander nodded.

“All G.U.N agents, I am Black Death, new mind hive of the Black Arms. I think it would be only fair that we inform you that we are going to finish what our former leader, Black Doom started, but never did get to finish.”

The room was quiet, we had just been threated be a group of aliens. Everyone in the room seemed to know what was going on, everyone but Silver and I.

“Your resistance is useless, we will not be beaten by our own flesh and blood again.” The screen went black, the message was over, but not the shock. Everyone seemed to be having memories of days gone by.

“Should we ask?” Silver asked me.

“Nope.” I shook my head. Shadow ran out of the building. Rogue sighed, turning to me. I nodded. “I’ll get him.” I ran out.

“What is the problem?” Omega asked. I stopped.

“I don’t know. Do you know anything about an alien named Black Doom?”

“Black Doom…was the leader of the black arms, a group of aliens that came to harvest this planet. Shadow stopped them, killing their leader…who, was his biological father.” It took me a few seconds to take all of this in. “Why are you asking?”

“Because they’re coming back.” I replied.

“You must find Shadow.” I nodded and ran off. It had been raining for the past hour we were inside trying to crack the code, so I ran off, following Shadow’s muddy footprint.” I remembered how I felt the first time I fought Power after my mother’s death. The pain of the good memories be chocked by the bad, fighting my own brother, who was like the father I never really did have.

I stopped. I heard something. My heart started beating faster.

[Shadow’s view of things]

I stopped. My mind was racing as fast as my feet. Remembering when the Black Arms were here for the first time. ‘Come on, pull yourself together! Come on.’ No matter what I did I couldn’t lose the feeling, I couldn’t shake the worry, the anger…the fear.

I inhaled deeply. The air smelled like rain. I listened to the water falling through the trees. I could feel my heart beat slowing, my breathing steadying, but my mind was still racing.

The ground shook under my feet. “What?” It only lasted for a moment like something was landing.

“Shadow!!” I heard Winter scream. I turned, it was the first time since I had known her that she actually sounded scared. I felt a rush off anger, angry at whatever had scared her. I ran toward where the scream came from. I stopped. She was being held by a huge Black Arm. I counted five. ‘Oh, I so going to kill you.’ I thought. Winter’s eyes met mine. There was no sparkle, only fear. Before I even got to move a smaller looking Black Arm walked out from behind the giants.

“I wouldn’t attack if I were you.” He said.

“And who are you?”

“Eclipse the Darkling.”

“Well then…Eclipse, do yourself a favor and leave her out of this.”

“I wish I could…brother…but I can’t, see, we all have orders, and these are mine.” I flinched when he called me brother, my body shook with anger.

“I’m not your brother.” I said through clenched teeth. He chuckled.

“You know, part of my orders are to kill you, but I think you can be a great value to our cause.” He paused. He looked at Winter. She inhaled sharply. “She is very good looking.” I could barely contain my anger.

‘You get one inch closer to her and I’ll kill you.’

“So what do you think?” He asked turning back toward me.

“I think you’re out of your little alien mind.” I answered. He sighed.

“Neutralize him.” He ordered. One of the giants swatted me into a tree. I crashed into it. It felt like I had cracked my skull. I could breathe from all the pain.

I woke up in a room. The walls were black and there were no windows. I was starting to stand. The room was spinning. Once my head was cleared I started to remember what happened. ‘Winter! Where is she? Where am I?’ I was angry.

Suddenly, a door that wasn’t there before opened. Eclipse walked in. I knew where I was, I was on the Black Comet.


[Silver view of things]

It was taking those two too long to get back. I still had no idea about what was going. Even Eggman seemed to know what was going on! That bothered me. The whole ground shook. An agent pulled up the security view from outside the building. “What are those?” I asked. Huge black demon-like things had landed near the building.

“Black Arms.” Knuckles answered.

‘That’s racist…or wait right, that’s what they’re called. That isn’t what I imagined.’

“Close all vents, we’re going on lock down!” The Commander ordered.

“Yes, sir.”

Technicians and agents were running all over the place, I managed to reach the others. They were all watching the Black Arms outside. ‘Winter and Shadow are out there!! You can’t lock them out!!!’